Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yankees Tried to Acquire Jayson Heyward/Andrelton Simmons

The New York Yankees attempted to trade for two Atlanta Braves this offseason in outfielder Jason Heyward and shortstop Andrelton Simmons. That's according to a report from Andy Martino of the New York Daily News anyway. It was not mentioned what was offered from the Yankees side, how close the two teams got or how interested the Yankees really were but it's still interesting to hear about the near deals and missed deals that GM's know about but the fans never hear about every July and every winter. It also gives everyone a look at the Yankees new way of doing business as the team went after a pair of defense first 25 year old established players rather than acquiring aging talent that is well past their prime.

It made me scratch my head a little when I heard that Heyward was being targeted by New York. The article stated that New York would have shifted Carlos Beltran to the DH position and allowed Heyward to take over right field. That makes sense on Playstation but what do you do with Alex Rodriguez? I'd be all for it personally, I'm greedy, but I don't find it realistic to bench Alex and not even let him take his turn at DH as he's making $61 million for the next three seasons.

The Cardinals gave up Shelby Miller and a former Top 100 prospect for Heyward so I couldn't imagine what the team would have given up for both Heyward and Simmons but New York would still have Shane Greene to offer up (since Didi Gregorius would have never been acquired) and a ton of prospects so you never know.

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