Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yankee Stadium Tour: The Eats

Can you tell that the wife, like 85% of women, had a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Can you tell that I’m freaking hungry over here? Anyway I have been going over some of the more unique and artery blocking foods at the ballpark this season and I realized that I hadn’t gone over what you can eat inside our very own home ballpark, Yankee Stadium. A wrong will be righted today as I skip over the traditional peanuts and Cracker Jack and go straight to the meat and potatoes, or the chicken and the spaghetti sauce.

There is a place inside the stadium called simply “Parm” where you can get eggplant and mozzarella sandwiches to go along with your traditional chicken Parmesan sandwiches and meatball Parmesan sandwiches. You can always skip the traditional hot dogs and go with a fried pickle from Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and nothing goes better with an $8 Budweiser than a hand-carved steak sandwich from Lobel’s.

These sandiwches are not cheap, mind you, as the sandiwches at Parm run around $14 each while the steak sandwiches at Lobel’s run around $15 to go with your $5 Pepsi or bottle of water but the taste is absolutely amazing. These are places to go if you want to grab something quick and get back to your seat. If you’re looking for a more sit down type environment there is always NYY Steak which is located right above the Hard Rock CafĂ© at Gate 6.

You can also visit Johnny Rockets, Carl’s Steaks and NYY Steak Express if you’re looking for some meat but if you’re looking for just a snack then my go to treat has to be Garlic Fries. I may not be getting kissed at the end of the night but at least my stomach is happy. You can also check out Wholly Guacamole for the build your own nachos bar or you can stop by the Noodle Bowl and Sushi Stand besides Tommy Bahama’s Marlin Bar.

There are tons of good eats at Yankee Stadium, I didn’t even mention Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, Hebrew National dogs, Premio sausages, Papa John’s Pizza and Beers of the World. You can blow some serious jack inside the stadium but the taste of the food is close to being unmattched anywhere around the league. Come hungry Yankees fans, that’s the best advice that I can give you if you’re coming to Yankee Stadium in 2015. 

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