Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Many Wins Do the Yankees Get in 2015?

As many of you know I love to interact with our readers and our followers on Twitter as much as I can on as many avenues as I can. I like to go on twitter and ask a question and record the responses in an article to get everyone involved and I did so again this week when I asked how many wins everyone thought the Yankees would get. Other than the 36 win prediction from our BYB Hub friends and Twitter followers Section 36 (who run a very well done Boston Red Sox blog) we received some numbers that coincide with my own predictions. 

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  1. I looked through the whole schedule series by series, and I'd say the bottom number is 83. That's with me assuming they split every two or four game series, win 2/3 in series against teams like the Blue Jays, and lose 2/3 in road series against teams like the Orioles or Red Sox.


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