Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yankees Ticket Prices Stay High, Average Ticket Prices Up 3.3% League Wide

Major League Baseball is setting all kinds of records this season after drawing over 4 million fans in Spring Training and with that the price of a ticket to see a game is going up along with it, unless you’re in New York. The average ticket price for a major league game is up 3.3% from the 2014 season across the league but the tickets for the New York Yankees remained the same this season. The average price for a ticket across the league is $28.94 which accounts for the steepest increase in six seasons.

The Boston Red Sox had the highest average at $52.34 per ticket without an increase in 2015 while the Yankees sit at $51.55 per ticket. The Cubs raised their tickets for the first time since 2010 to $44.81 per ticket while the average ticket for the Los Angeles Dodgers is still just $28.61 despite a record $270 million payroll. The Royals had the largest increase in 2015 after getting to the World Series in 2014 when the team bumped tickets up 20.3% to $29.76 per ticket. The World Series champion San Francisco Giants tickets raised as well to $33.78 which is just about a 6.8% jump from a season ago. 

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