Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nick's Picks: Jays VS Yankees 4/9/15

Well, first picks of the year didn't go too poorly, other than getting mostly everything wrong. The Yankees won the game, the first win of the season and of course Pineda pitched pretty well; just wish we knew how to hit. If it was not for that crazy 8th inning I believe I would have had a giant goose egg with picks but thankfully the game ended 4-3 with a shutdown 9th inning by new closer Andrew Miller. Yeah, I appointed him.

So here we are into game three of the opening series with a crazy lineup. Sabathia is on the hill and Arod is hitting second. If this was 2005 I might be actually excited about this game but sadly, it is not. I want to go with my gut and say that this game will be a definite win but the numbers make me want to say LOSS. Hopefully Girardi knows what he is doing, otherwise look out Yankee Universe, it is going to be a long night of baseball. Time for the picks.

Top pitching performance: I love CC Sabathia. I love him even more when he is not on the mound though. Tonight will be a huge test, one that I do not think he passes so I am going with Esmil Rogers as my top pitching performance. I am saying that when and I do mean when CC gets in trouble I feel Esmil will be first out of the pen. My guess is three innings of two hit ball striking out 4. Let's hope I get this one wrong.

Breakthrough Hitter: It is early in the season, and the Blue Jays are throwing a young lefty against this old Yankees team. My best bet here is that, yes I am going to say it, Mr. You Know Who himself, Chris Young will be the breakthrough hitter. Thought I was going to say Arod huh? Not in this day or any other day this year. I like to stay clear until the steroid smoke clears and then I might go to the big man. Tonight though, Chris Young will go 2-4 and provide some big hits for the Yankees. I have him hitting both for extra bases. A homer he might hit? Let the force be with us tonight on offense.

Clutch performer: Why not give this to the newly acquired Gregorio Petit. I think that he will flash some leather on the field and maybe get on base a few times. Who could be worse than Brendan Ryan? Let's hope not Gregorio Petit. It is hard to match guys up against this young lefty for Toronto, but why not bring out the dark horses.

So, in tonight's match-up of CC Sabathia and Toronto's rookie Daniel Norris watch a lot of offense take place. Most notably for Toronto. I think that if the Yankees can figure out this rookie, which is not their MO, I think that we can make this game interesting. I predict that Yankees win a close one again, 6-5. Let's go Yankees, take home this open series! Remember, you cannot predict sports, but you sure as heck can try.

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