Monday, May 18, 2015

Yankees Off Night Open Thread

The New York Yankees finally have another off day so we will have another off thread here on the blog to talk about anything you want. I apologize for going quiet for so long on the blog today but with Ben Embry making his blogging debut here on The Greedy Pinstripes I wanted to give his post plenty of time to shine and be read. If you haven't checked that post out about where the Yankees undrafted players are now, including Cal Quantrill and Mariano Rivera Jr., then check that out right now below and talk about it here.

The Yankees are back at it tomorrow night in Washington which should be fun because the Yankees pitchers will be taking at bats. The good news for the Yankees is Nathan Eovaldi will be on the mound after spending his entire career before 2015 in the National League East division so it should be not be as much of an adventure for him as it will be for Adam Warren on Wednesday.

Anyway it's an off night so you probably don't want to here from me so enjoy the night and we'll be back at it again tomorrow.

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