Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 MLB All-Star Game Thread

Major League Baseball’s Mid-Summer Classic is about ready to start as Joe Buck prepares for introductions and first pitch baseball. The American League and the National League will face off head-to-head for the 86th time tonight inside the home of the Cincinnati Reds, the Great American Ball Park. Earlier we took a look at the complete rosters for both clubs and now we take a look at the starting lineups for both Ned Yost’s American League club and Bruce Bochy’s National League club.

American League

1. Mike Trout - CF
2. Josh Donaldson – 3B
3. Albert Pujols – 1B
4. Nelson Cruz - DH
5. Lorenzo Cain - RF
6. Adam Jones - LF
7. Salvador Perez – C
8. Jose Altuve – 2B
9. Alcides Escobar - SS

National League

1. Andrew McCutchen - CF
2. Todd Frazier – 3B
3. Bryce Harper RF
4. Paul Goldschmidt – 1B
5. Buster Posey - C
6. Anthony Rizzo - DH
7. Jhonny Peralta - SS
8. Joc Pederson - LF
9. DJ LeMahiue – 2B

The game will be televised on FOX. Head over to Twitter and follow @GreedyStripes to chat during the game and to root on the Yankees trio of representatives Dellin Betances, Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner. 

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