Friday, July 17, 2015

Twitter Poll: To Trade or Not To Trade Ivan Nova

As the July 31st trading deadline approaches and teams start preparing to either buy and make a run at the playoffs or prepare to sell as they rebuild for 2016 the contenders and the pretenders begin to separate a bit. The New York Yankees will presumably be buyers at this year’s deadline but like at any deadline you have to give up something good to get something good, in most cases anyway. New York has remained pretty adamant about holding onto their top prospects in trades and have stayed away from the blockbuster type deal but could 2015 be the year they get away from that? One of my friends, patrick always with a little “p” mind you, begged the question in the comments section of whether the Yankees should trade from their major league club to improve the team and specifically mentioned Ivan Nova’s name. Would the Yankees be willing to trade Nova if the right deal came along? Should the Yankees include him in a deal potentially for a Cole Hamels or Johnny Cueto or is Nova simply untouchable at this point? Sounds like the perfect idea for a Twitter poll, go!

Frankly I would rather hang onto Nova for the remainder of the 2015 season and for the 2016 season. We all know about the struggles a pitcher faces in his first year removed from Tommy John surgery and we all know that the finished product is not revealed until the second year removed, in this case the 2016 season. Now with that said I wouldn’t trade Nova for Cueto because it is short-sighted and hurts the 2016 team but if the Yankees pull off a trade for someone with another year of team control, for example Cole Hamels, then I think I pull the trigger personally. It’s all about sustainable gaming in my opinion and trading Nova for a rental is not sustainable, it’s a short term goal in a long term world. If the team wants to make a move like the Detroit Tigers did for David Price in 2014 then by all means trade him, I’ll even pack his bags.

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  1. IN A WORLD OF DREAMS.......Nova will only be a extra chip, to be thrown in, to make
    some sort of trade. Those who make the case for Nova, as I just read in the twitters,
    are nuts.
    Really ?...Teams that are willing to trade their top pitching, are salivating over the
    prospect of stealing Nova away from the Yankees ?
    Package Sabathia,and Nova, for a trip to Pluto. Then give the ticket to Drew.


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