Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

Robert Refsnyder burst onto the scene in a big way before the All-Star Break and if you believe the anonymous “sources” and the reports the Yankees second baseman is here to stay for a while. Refsnyder made his major league debut inside the home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, and collected his first two hits of his career including a game winning home run. Sure, Refsnyder made an error but honestly who wouldn’t while making their debut in front of a hostile environment in a game that actually meant something to both clubs? Nerves can get to the best of people and not everyone is Derek Jeter but anyway, I digress.

Refsnyder is in the majors now for the time being so this may be the last one of these check-ins we do for the Korean born star. As much as I enjoyed doing these I am more than willing to find another prospect to check in with every week if it means Refsnyder stays up with the big team in the Bronx. Here are the stats that Refsnyder put up in the minor leagues that warranted a call up to the Yankees:



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