Thursday, August 6, 2015

August Trade Waiver Wish List

The New York Yankees relatively stood pat at the July 31st trading deadline this season despite seeing teams like the Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Toronto Blue Jays and others get better. New York did trade two prospects for Dustin Ackley although Ackley has since been placed on the disabled list with a possible season-ending surgery. While many Yankees fans around the world are standing next to some little chicken screaming about how the world is falling the rest of us are compiling a waiver trade wish list before August 31st, my list is below.

  • James Shields will clear waivers due to his salary, guaranteed. The Padres are out of playoff contention in the National League and would love to shed the back-loaded salary going forward. He won't be the ace, he's not "Big Game" James anymore but he will be a better option to pitch the third game of a playoff series than CC Sabathia. 

  • Martin Prado I cannot see clearing waivers. The second base market is barren to say the least and utility players are harder and harder to come by making Prado extremely valuable. If he clears waivers, and if the team is not going to call up Robert Refsnyder, then why not take a waiver on Prado again?

  • Craig Kimbrel/Aroldis Chapman should clear, especially Kimbrel, and talks could resurface involving Jorge Mateo. I hope not but it's not what I hope, it's what Brian Cashman is thinking and that can be unpredictable at its best. 


  1. Burch the elf won't be able to make a trade due to two things. First he is inept to make a big trade other then s dumpster dive move and second Hal will not allow him to take salary on. Maybe Prado but the Yanks has him and traded him away so I don't expect them to get him again.

    1. Dumpster dive moves happen more in August then July. The guys with the huge salaries are the ones that generally clear. Whether Hal lets him take on salary or not is another thing, he probably wont truth be told but I think it depends on how long the salary is for. They want under the cap in either 2016 or 2017, if it lasts that long I wouldn't see why they wouldn't take that salary on.

    2. I think we can safely assume that Hal didn't let Cashman make any moves which would bring more money onto the books. I also think its safe to safe that the elf has overvalued his system once again. I would have tried to make a move on Hammels. This team has not one stud starter in it currently. Do you feel the Rangers gave a big haul for him?

    3. I can't find the link, and it may have been speculatory anyway if I did find the link, but I think I saw that Hal would accept money as long as it didn't go past the 2017 season.

      Rangers gave up a big haul for Hamels but they kept Gallo and that's a win/win for them.


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