Friday, August 28, 2015

Greg Bird to Right Field? Brian Cashman Answers the Question

When the New York Yankees called up first base prospect Greg Bird many were left wondering how the team would get Bird enough at bats to justify the pause in his development. Sure Bird would be getting the Major League experience that cannot be duplicated without actually experiencing it first hand but playing every day, even in the minor leagues, may or may not have been more beneficial to Bird. Ironically and coincidentally Alex Rodriguez went on a cold streak and Mark Teixeira  injured his leg after fouling a ball off it plunging Bird into basically an every day role. Teixeira seems like he has nursed his leg back to health and Rodriguez will likely get all three games off in Atlanta after taking two nights off this past weekend seemingly once again leaving Bird without an every day spot in the lineup. The Yankees will have to get creative to get Bird those necessary at bats before rosters expand in September, could that creativity bring the team's best first base prospect to the outfield and specifically to right field?

In an interview seen on the New York Post, SEEN HERE, the Yankees GM Brian Cashman was asked that exact question and 100% put the question and speculation to bed emphatically.  Cashman shot down any chance of Bird playing in the outfield, outside of an emergency situation obviously, as long as Cashman is in charge of the personnel decisions in the Bronx.

Here is a direct quote from Mr. Cashman himself:

“First base is his skill set,” Cashman said. “The move to the outfield would not make sense. I am not running him down, but he is just not athletic enough for that. He is what he is.”

There you have it folks, no right field or any outfield for Bird. If he's not athletic enough to do it then he absolutely should not be out there. Bird was drafted as a catcher and forced to first base due to a back injury and if Cashman says Bird is not an outfielder then he's not an outfielder, and that's okay with me.

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