Friday, August 28, 2015

Quick Hit: It's Time to Sprint

The 162 game schedule for Major League Baseball is one of the most grueling, demanding and hardest schedules in all of professional sports. While the NFL plays once a week and the NBA plays three or four games a week tops the 30 MLB franchises play seven days a week and sometimes for up to three weeks straight without a day off. The Major League season is definitely a marathon where you're only as good as your next day's starting pitcher, well until the clock is about to turn to September.

The marathon begins a sprint tonight as the New York Yankees head down to Atlanta to face off with the Atlanta Braes. The Yankees are in second place in the American League East Division trailing the Toronto Blue Jays and would host a one-game playoff game in the Wild Card Round if the season were to end today. New York has a tough schedule going forward, probably much tougher than Toronto's, making every single game and every winnable game that much more important.

The Yankees have 32 games left this season barring a one-game playoff to decide a division winner or Wild Card winner including many games head-to-head with the Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox. No more days off for general soreness, no more days off just because you need some rest and no more days off unless absolutely necessary.

We're going to battle and we need all hands on deck. Let's go to war and let's win this thing!

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