Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Modifying a Six-Man Rotation for the New York Yankees

The New York Yankees watched on Sunday as Michael Pineda made a rehab assignment start with their Double-A affiliate the Trenton Thunder. Pineda was originally slated to be out until at least September with a forearm strain but has exceeded the expectations from the original time table and could make a start as early as this coming weekend after going pain free in Trenton. The Yankees have a unique and a good problem to have at this point in the season, too much pitching and not enough rotation spots. Well not enough rotation spots unless they go with a six-man rotation.

The Yankees would not benefit from your run of the mill six-man rotation though, they would need to modify one to accommodate certain pitchers in the rotation. While Nathan Eovaldi doesn’t seem fazed by four days rest or five days rest others, especially Michael Pineda, seem to either benefit or struggle with the extra rest. Masahiro Tanaka’s name is always brought up when considering a sixth man being placed into the rotation as well as CC Sabathia’s and Ivan Nova’s while the team could also benefit from giving Luis Severino an extra day or two when they can to limit his innings. With this in mind I came up with a very rough modified six-man rotation that I think could benefit the Yankees somewhat. It’s not perfect and it’s far from written in stone but this is the general basis for the idea.

8/18: CC Sabathia (5)
8/19: Nathan Eovaldi (5)
8/20: Ivan Nova (5)
8/21: Michael Pineda (4)
8/22: Masahiro Tanaka (6)
8/23: Luis Severino (6)
8/24: CC Sabathia (5)
8/25: Nathan Eovaldi (5)
8/26: Michael Pineda (4)
8/27: OFF DAY
8/28: Ivan Nova (7)
8/29: Masahiro Tanaka (6)
8/30: Luis Severino (6)
8/31: Michael Pineda (4)
9/1: CC Sabathia (7)
9/2: Nathan Eovaldi (7)
9/3: OFF DAY
9/4: Ivan Nova (6)
9/5: Michael Pineda (4)
9/6: Masahiro Tanaka (7)
9/7: Luis Severino (7)

  • ·         Number of days rest in parenthesis

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  1. I worry about the 7 days off, might that be a bit too many days off? I agree with the days off for everyone except Pineda, Tank and Severino may handle it well enough having 7 days off but, CC and Nova are use to going every five days. I understand how it will help CC and Nova is coming off TJ so it will help him also...using common sense, it looks good, but they need to modify their workout between starts (that is a tough one) let's see if they will read and follow it.

  2. I'm cool with the extra rest for a little while longer, but eventually you just have to put the best out there.

  3. I did too Reed but it was the best I could do keeping Pineda on normal rest with all those days off. CC and Nova haven't seemed affected at all by the extra rest and Tanaka pitched once a week in Japan. Like I said, it's not perfect nor a finished product. Just an idea I had.

    1. It makes too much sense for them to try it...don't you know!
      Just remember, this isn't a perfect game...sometimes good ideas are not heard nor followed.

    2. The way Severino, CC, Eovaldi, Nova and Tanaka have pitched lately who do you dare move out of the rotation when Pineda comes back

    3. If I had to make that decision, I would move CC out...with a caveat! That being how well Severino pitches in his next start. I like darn near everything he has and does but he has made a lot of mistakes in his location...the same as CC...but it is better to take his talent out to the mound than an older version of what was.
      Severino is still learning ...as is CC...but Severino has the talent, maybe Severino would be better served by going to the BP because of innings or not I don't know. I would need the data they have to know which one to move but, it would be one or the other.

    4. I just can't see the Yankees doing it, I can't. Makes a ton of sense, too much sense.

    5. Your preaching to the choir. Somebody is in love with Drew and CC and they ain't anyone playing nor any (most) fans.

  4. NO MORE...CC, Drew, Eovaldi, and the Steinbrenners....I can't take it any more.

    Nothing changes, and then Cleveland rolls into town, and they are your daddy.
    Another sad lose to a team, that is dictating our season. Cleveland ?

    Imagine if the Yankees have to play St. Louis ?
    The volume on the TV went first tonight. Followed by the video.

    I went to FOX News next...Donald Trump gives me hope, that my country will fix itself.

    They attack Trump for just wearing a red hat. Outrageous communism.
    Know you enemies.....MSNBC NEWS, and Cleveland.

  5. Again this goes back to the Elf not picking up a reliable arm and another bat at the deadline. I agree Little P that Cleveland is having a say in the Yankees possibly losing the division.


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