Saturday, August 15, 2015

Twitter Poll: Are You Worried About Alex Rodriguez?

The New York Yankees find themselves in a bit of a Catch 22 as we sit here on August 15th. The team came into the season not expecting nor relying on now 40 year old Alex Rodriguez whatsoever but that has not gone according to plan. Alex has far exceeded anyone’s expectations and is now a daily staple in the #3 hole of the Yankees lineup. The Yankees have been able to keep him fresh and healthy by keeping him as a DH only but the dog days of summer may be starting to get to him. Alex has hit one home run in over two weeks now and may be finally starting to break down and wear out, but that’s just my opinion anyway. What’s yours? Twitter Poll incoming!

Personally I think the call up for Greg Bird will be Rodriguez’s, and the Yankees, saving grace. The offense pretty much needs one of Alex or Mark Teixeira in the lineup at all times to have a chance to win on most nights and having Bird allows the team to get a little flexible. While Teixeira DH’s Bird can play first base while Alex rides the bench and gets a much needed rest. While Alex DH’s Teixeira can sit and relax knowing a suitable backup in Bird is in the field and at the plate. This rotation can get Bird plenty of at bats and can keep Teixeira and Rodriguez healthy and fresh for the stretch run and for the chase of the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East Division race.

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