Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

The Judge, better known as the Yankees Triple-A outfielder Aaron Judge, was one of the four prospects inside the Yankees system deemed untouchable by New York’s GM Brian Cashman at the July 31st trading deadline. Cashman stuck to his guns and his word and did not trade any of the four prospects we all know by now, Judge, Luis Severino, Greg Bird and Jorge Mateo, leaving the future just as bright in New York as it has ever been.

Judge battled a back injury, the Yankees won’t call it that but I will, that kept him off the disabled list but out of game for the RailRiders for right at a week. Judge was seen in the locker room with his back iced and wrapped up so however minor the flare up was, it is an injury. Judge has since returned last week and returned to hitting bombs out of PNC Park, a great sign for the Yankees outfielder and the team itself.

Judge is back, Judge is still a Yankee and Judge is still the future. Carlos Beltran is being put on notice.


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