Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekly Check In: Tyler Wade

This spot here on this early Sunday morning has been reserved for Luis Severino ever since we started this series earlier this season. The good and the bad of it is that with every check in Severino had been better and better which earned him a promotion to Major League Baseball. Severino will now spend the rest of his season in the starting rotation for the Yankees without an innings limit. The bad news for us is we had to scramble and find a new prospect to fill the spot here. Enter Tyler Wade.

Wade was one of the two Yankees shortstops to get a promotion this week, the other being Jorge Mateo who joined the Tampa Yankees. The open slot in Tampa was left behind by Wade who got the call to Double-A with the Trenton Thunder.Wade is seemingly leading the way for the Yankees with their shortstop depth and could become the poster child for the organizational depth if Mateo takes a step back at all during his career.

Welcome to the fold Mr. Wade and welcome to the Thunder.


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