Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Tell-All Book “Abused by the New York Yankees” is OUT!

For what feels like forever, although I just looked and it’s only been since 2007, we’ve been hearing about the tell-all book that was set to come out written by a former Yankees assistant equipment manager and the book has finally hit the shelves. I haven’t read it myself yet, and after reading the reviews I may not read it at all, but from what everyone is saying apparently it has been worth the wait.

Paul Priore, the assistant equipment manager for the Yankees and the author of the book, was fired back in 1997 allegedly because he is HIV-positive, something the New York Yankees and the New York State Courts say are absolutely false.

Here are some of the outlandish and damning accusations thrown out by Priore:

  • Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada engaged in sexual relations in the clubhouse sauna at the end of their first season with the team. Jeter and Posada then allowed Priore to perform oral sex on them in order to keep him quiet. 
  • George Steinbrenner spied on players using secret security cameras in the clubhouse, and was actively involved in the Iran-Contra Affair. 
  • Outfielder Gerald Williams had sex with an underage concession stand worker in a storage closet. 
  • Cecil Fielder played drunk on vodka, and Darryl Strawberry drank whisky during games. 
  • Bob Wickman, Jeff Nelson and Mariano Rivera tried to sexually assault him with a baseball bat. 
  • Joe Torre and Don Zimmer used 14-16 year old boys to place their horse track bets for them during games and also the duo bet on the Yankees to lose games while they were both managers and coaches for the team. 
  • Batboys created a market of forged autographs on Yankees memorabilia.

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