Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chris Davis is the Ultimate #GetGreedy Move for 2016

I am in no way looking ahead towards the 2016 season because in my personal opinion the 2015 season is far from over. Even if the New York Yankees cannot chase down the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League East Division and have to settle for a Wild Card spot, even a second Wild Card spot and a road one-game playoff series, I believe this team is going to the playoffs and have the potential to go far. With that said would getting Chris Davis from the Baltimore Orioles in free agency this winter not be the biggest #GetGreedy type move the Yankees could pull off?

Not only would adding a guy with 40+ home run power help the Yankees offense immensely it would also land the hit on the jaw of the Baltimore Orioles that could end this recent streak of success. The question on everyone’s mind here is whether the Yankees have the money, a $3.5 billion company can cry poor all they want to but they have it if they want to have it, and whether they have a spot for him to play. Davis is probably best suited for a DH role at this point in his career but he’s not yet a defensive liability either at first base or right field as recent as this week when he played both positions against the Yankees. Davis could basically fill and expand the role that the team had for Garrett Jones when they picked him up this offseason.

Joe Girardi can shuffle players around and keep them fresh, he’s proven it time and time again, so having Davis play at first base, right field and DH giving nights off to Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez would be a good option to have off the “bench.” In a couple of years when Davis starts to slow down in the field you have the contract of ARod coming off the books and the DH slot opening up giving the Yankees a place to stash him for the latter part of the deal. Davis is likely to command a long-term contract for big money after hitting 40 home runs this season and if any team can afford it while keeping him away from the Toronto Blue Jays, the Baltimore Orioles or the Boston Red Sox it’s definitely the New York Yankees.

Davis strikes out a lot and he’ll never hit .275 in his career let alone .300 but with basically a month to go in the season what team would not take a .200 average with 41 home runs and over 100 RBI? You don’t harp on his inability to consistently hit the ball for average but you instead build around that with high average players that can pick up the slack or be on base when he connects. Davis is the type of player that you accommodate for in this day and age, not the other way around, and Davis is the ultimate #GetGreedy player, the entire premise of what this blog was built off of.

So I leave you with this seal of approval. Get Greedy, Get Chris Davis for 2016. 


  1. That is a get greedy move, but I could see it working too. Mainly because I don't think Judge is quite ready to take over in right field just yet. But, by the time he is, we will be done with Beltran and Teix. Plus, Arod will be in the last year of his contract, if he's even still playing. The only negative would be stunting Bird.

    1. I thought about that and it would, you're right. Bird would suffer immensely. Probably get traded if Davis were to come in, which is a shame.


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