Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Yankees “Interested” In David Price This Winter is NOT News

The worst part about having a blog I think is the emails that you get from people when you neglect to post “news” on your site. People quickly forget that people like myself, Beyan Van Dusen, Jack Niemuth and all the great writers we have here on The Greedy Pinstripes, people like our hardworking friends over at Bleeding Yankee Blue, etc. do this for free because we love to do it. But anyway that’s not the point of this post, the point of the post was that I opened my email on Labor Day and had an email from a person who will remain nameless wondering why I was, to paraphrase, “too lazy” to post the “news” about the Yankees being interested in David Price this winter in free agency. I’m not lazy, I think the workload and content that I put out DAILY for you guys is evidence of that, I just personally don’t think that it’s news.

We all know the Yankees are interested in and will remain interested in Price’s services when he becomes available. The team made a list of untouchable prospects that included stud starting pitcher Luis Severino and came out publicly stating that they would part with one or more of that list of untouchables for Price if he was willing to sign a contract extension before the deal was made official. Cashman was willing to mortgage the future once again for this guy as long as he could sign him to a big money contract for the bulk of his 30’s. You don’t think Cashman would be willing to give out that same deal this winter while keeping Severino, Aaron Judge, Jorge Mateo and Greg Bird? You bet your ass he’ll at least be in the discussion.

There aren’t too many teams that can afford to commit and potentially miss on a seven-year deal worth an estimated $210 million but the New York Yankees are one of them. Right around the time a potential Price mega-deal would go south the team would have players like CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira off the payroll, if the deal ever went south.

It’s September 10th, not November or December 10th. To start listing the teams that are “interested” in Price this winter is irresponsible. It’s not news and it’s not reporting, it’s a guess and an opinion being pushed off as news so excuse me if I don’t report on it. I’m more focused on winning this division and making the playoffs, not who the team is going to pick up this winter. Thanks for listening to my rant. 

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