Sunday, November 8, 2015

YES Network: Exit Interview with Carlos Beltran

Lou DiPietro. The YES Network. Exit interview with Lou DiPietro. Read it, CLICK HERE.

The New York Yankees' 2015 season ended at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, thanks to a 3-0 loss to the Houston Astros in the American League Wild Card Game.

Following the game, many Yankees players, coaches, and officials were in a reflective mood, beginning both the look back on this year and the look ahead to 2016 - so much so that the team was able to conduct a series of "exit interviews" on the subjects.

Here is the brief exit interview with New York Yankees right fielder and 18-year MLB veteran Carlos Beltran.

Q. How can you sum up the 2015 season, Carlos?

BELTRAN: We went through a lot of ups and downs. We fought. We lost some guys, some younger guys came in to fill the holes. We battled until the end. Even though we lost, I feel proud of the team and the way we fought.

Q. What was your mentality heading into tonight's Wild Card playoff?

BELTRAN: We know that we ended the season not hitting or playing good baseball, but we have to be professional enough to turn that page because this was not the regular season, this is a do-or-die game. We needed to come here with the mentality of trying to do the best we could as a team, to try to put runs on the board. Hopefully our pitching would have been able to shut them down and hopefully we would win the ballgame.

Q. What is it about Dallas Keuchel that gave the Yankees such a tough time?

BELTRAN: I think the whole league [struggles against him]. The guy has good numbers, 20 wins. We knew that we were going to face a guy that was not going to throw the ball over the middle of the plate. He was going to be able to hit the corners, make you chase, and we chased some balls. We didn't put anything together.

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