Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Larry Rothschild and the Next Nathan “Eovolving” Eovaldi

Larry Rothschild and the New York Yankees have drawn rave reviews from their fans and from notable opinions around the league for their work with Nathan Eovaldi in 2015.  After leading the league in hits allowed in 2014 while with the Miami Marlins Eovaldi came back and actually gave up more hits per nine innings, although the length of his starts were significantly reduced skewing this stat a bit, and despite giving up more hits not only did his ground balls and strike out numbers go up but so did his win total. The Yankees may be looking at striking gold once again this offseason or relatively soon by adding another “project” type starter with youth and upside on his side so could the next Nathan “Eovolving” Eovaldi be for the New York Yankees?

If you’re going to fit the mold of a Yankees starter and Eovaldi you’re going to have to keep your walks down, your strikeouts high and your groundballs even higher. Sounds simple enough on paper but not as many pitchers do it as you would expect. When a pitcher does this consistently they are called aces and they are generally not young, controllable or even available. See David Price or Jordan Zimmermann for an example. So who is young, controllable, said to be available and fits the starting pitching molds set above?

Carlos Carrasco is one and is signed through the 2020 season. There have already been rumors of Carrasco being traded this winter by Cleveland and New York is said to be dangling Brett Gardner to the Indians. Danny Salazar also fits this most, just don’t trade them Aaron Judge.

Jose Quintana also fits the most and is also signed through the 2020 season with the Chicago White Sox. The problem is the two most attractive trade pieces the Yankees have, Gardner and Andrew Miller, do not presumable interest the White Sox.

Just like Eovaldi the Yankees could buy low on a struggling National League East pitcher with a bad stat sheet and record for the previous season. Enter Shelby Miller of the Atlanta Braves. They are in total rebuild, make the call.

New York reportedly talked to Seattle about a deal involving Brett Gardner which could have brought back left-hander James Paxton to the Bronx. Paxton has an injury history that scares me but a delivery, motion and repertoire that reminds me, and others, of Andy Pettitte. That is intriguing enough on its own.

The Houston Astros like Andrew Miller and still need a bullpen, would that come at the cost of either Collin McHugh or Lance McCuller Jr.? If I’m the Yankees I certainly hope so.

Cincinnati is rebuilding and I would love for the Yankees to take Raisel Iglesias off the Reds hands. I can remember clamoring for him when he defected from Cuba and Cashman has the opportunity to right a wrong. Some are calling Iglesias “El Duque II.” They sure know how to intrigue me, don’t they?

Tyson Ross of the San Diego Padres would be nice, so would Andrew Cashner truth be told, but AJ Preller is unlikely to make them available. Would the next best thing be Tyson’s brother and current Washington Nationals starter Joe Ross? Washington would love Andrew Miller and may even be interested in Gardner to replace Denard Span. This deal could work, although I could see Cashman acquiring Gio Gonzalez before Ross unfortunately.

Keep in mind, at least as far as I know, that New York is not linked to any of these starting pitchers and in most cases these pitchers are not openly being shopped by their teams. I was merely looking to get together a list of comparable pitchers to Nathan Eovaldi to present to Mr. Cashman, who you all know reads my work, just in case he wants to find lightning in a bottle one more time. 


  1. NATHAN 'THE REVOLVER' EOVALDI....great to see his name up there again.
    Nice piece of writing Daniel.

    Eovaldi, before he got hurt, was the 'Yankees'.... last season. Without him, the Yankee season
    would have folded in early July. Maybe too many innings did him in. Or, the pressure of trying
    to do too much contributed also. The Revolver gave us hope last season.

    The ones that called him names, like water pistol...were either baiting me... childish.
    Or, not as smart as they told others they are. I suspect the later.

  2. Second rate pitcher at best. Couldn't go deep into games. Low strikeout total for a 98 mph fastball, surrenders way too many hits. Can you say Aaron Small the one year wonder.


      That is all I can offer to a second tier blogger that calls Eovaldi, a second rate pitcher,
      who is on the cusp of being elite. Perhaps the next Yankee ace.

      The goal here is to increase blogger numbers by spring training.
      New posters will run away, when they read blatant ignorance.

      Ready for your trey....of 'Roni' ?

  3. Once again you show your ignorance, not only in life but in baseball knowledge. You just can't STFU. I have never met you but my hate for you goes deep. Your always belittling people because your just a child. The minute someone goes back at you with facts you throw your BS against the wall. Everything I said about the WP is true. Face it and FOAD

    1. FOAD ?...I had to pause, and look that up. Not many write as you do. Cowards in the darkness will. As well as deranged. You cover both bases.

      And now the Jersey vulture has landed....FOAD, you also.
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    2. Patrick...have we not been through this before? You guys can disagree all you want to but, stop with the name calling. Try being civil with your comments, all this name calling stuff drives fans away from here...don't you know.
      Ken H has an opinion and unless we happen to be in some college, we can agree to disagree without getting personal about it. And yes, I am putting it all on you, Patrick, (well, not all, it takes two to tango) the reason being we have been there and done that! Need we do it again?
      Damn it, let's have some fun around here and quit running off some of those that would love to have a chance (Without being picked at) to join our little group of Yankee lovers.

      Damn, that is the way everything started before, I am not going to be a very happy camper if it happens here. I don't like most of those other sites and their little clicks and Ken H you can be counted in also...like I said, it takes two to Tango, so stop with the dancing will guys?

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    4. I was going to reply to you Ken but, no matter what I write one of you will take it as being on one side or the other...I am not on anyone's side in this FUBAR.
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    5. Excellent point Reed the difference is he looks to verbally abuse I don't. I just defend myself and will continue.

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    2. Sorry about stepping on your toes Daniel!

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    4. Thank you Ken H now, one more to go!

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