Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yasiel Puig Just Got Cheaper/More Available?

The offseason is the time for all fans and all teams to dream. Anything can happen and it doesn't have to just come via free agency. The trade market is becoming just as, if not more, important in this new era of Major League Baseball that we're ushering in and that may work in the Yankees favor. The Yankees are making a habit of acquiring other teams struggling young, yet once promising, talent and making them their own with the right coaching and teammates around them. We saw Didi Gregorius flourish in New York and Nathan Eovaldi begin to harness some of his potential many of us think he has, could Yasiel Puig be next?

The difference between Didi, Eovaldi and Puig is that Puig is an established part of a World Series contending team. Puig is immature though, reportedly, and we reported here on the blog that Clayton Kershaw suggested that he be traded to another club. I don't know about you but I would welcome a trade for Puig to New York and he may have just gotten a little cheaper and a little more available. Puig is now under fire for a reported domestic violence/scuffle with his sister and a bouncer in a bar that left Puig with a shiner. Reportedly. I hate that term.

Here is the write up from MLB Trade Rumors:

The MLB commissioner’s office will investigate Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig under its new domestic violence policy for his role in a reported barroom altercation on Wednesday night, Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times reports. Renato Bermudez of ESPN Deportes first reported the incident on Twitter.
report from TMZ Sports suggested that Puig “pushed” his sister at the bar, precipitating a larger conflict and apparently bringing the matter within the purview of the investigatory provisions of the still-untested policy. The account given by a Miami police spokesperson, via the Associated Press, refers only to an “argument” between Puig and his sister and a scuffle between the outfielder and a bouncer. Commissioner Rob Manfred is tasked with investigating “all allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in the Baseball community.”

What do you think? I don't worry about Puig's maturity or behavior in a place like New York. There are plenty of veteran teammates and people to keep Puig in line. As ironic as this will sound to some CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez immediately come to mind. I worry about his production and whether he could play left field in the Bronx. His bat and that rocket arm would be nice if the deal were right though... wouldn't it?


  1. Yup, gotta go with that one Daniel, he is a good bat and arm but, as you said can he play in NY! CC and A-Rod can't babysit him. The team has to get in on it also. I say that because, the team as a hole can make life unbearable for a player that is not on the winning page with them.
    All in all it is a mote point anyhow because, he will be suspended for some games anyhow...right?

    1. The league is discussing it since they have a domestic violence policy now. I doubt much comes of it. Never know though, MLB wants to be proactive about this.

      It is a moot point though, Los Angeles is not going to trade him in my opinion and if they do we're unlikely to meet the demands.


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