Friday, December 18, 2015

My Take on the Unpopular Popular Decision on Pete Rose

Pete Rose had one last shot to make it back into Major League Baseball and into the Hall of Fame and that hope lived and died on the decision made by Commissioner Rob Manfred. Manfred promised to have his decision to us by the end of the calendar year and he did just that this week when he denies Rose’s application for reinstatement back into the game. This is it for Pete Rose. This was a popular decision to some and unpopular to others but truthfully I am on the fence. I have been a Rose supporter for so long and I have defended him for many years making the remarks that he should be judged as a Hall of Famer for his time as a player, not as a manager, but I’ve come to learn that Rose is one of those that absolutely cannot get out of his own way.

Rose had an opportunity to avoid the lifetime ban altogether if he just admitted to betting on the game. Rose chose the hard way, denied it and is now banned from baseball. Rose has later admitted to betting on baseball but only as a manager and only on his team, the Cincinnati Reds, to win games. Later on news broke that evidence was found that Rose bet on games as a player too, again the hard way for Mr. Rose. Baseball has had 26 years to change its mind and it didn’t and it’s not going to, and that is something we all now need to come to terms with.

Rose will die banished from the Hall of Fame. He can walk in and see his memorabilia and his name mentioned in the record books but he cannot ever see his plaque, and honestly it is probably for the best. I know what you’re probably thinking, isn’t this the same guy screaming for the steroid users to not only be forgiven but also be allowed into the Hall of Fame? Yes, it is, but with an explanation. Steroids were not against MLB rules at the time, betting on the game of baseball was. Those who have used steroids since, Alex Rodriguez for example, should not be in the Hall of Fame 100%.

Rose knew heading into the interview with Manfred that him and his investigators confirmed the information found in the Dowd Report that declared Rose not only gambled as a manager but as a player as well in 1985 and 1986. Rose was told heading into the meeting that Manfred knew he bet as a player and he still told him face-to-face that he did not. Later in the same meeting he admitted, once again, to betting as a player but only to bet that the Reds would win the games he was betting on. I guess that justified it to Rose. Rose later admitted that he is still betting on Major League Baseball games and other sporting events showing the world that, no Pete, you have not changed. You haven’t changed one bit. In fact you’re likely just exploiting this to sign more baseball, sell more posters and get more face time. That’s it. You’re greedy. You’ve made me look bad for defending you and I’m done with you, and so is Major League Baseball. 

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