Friday, December 18, 2015

Since the Yankees Refuse to Spend Money for 2016…..

Since the New York Yankees and specifically their owner Hal Steinbrenner refuse to spend money before the 2016 season I thought it would be fun, and it can help pass the time as the hot stove market begins to cool down a bit, to look at the free agency market set to hit before the 2019 season. You know, that season where the Yankees are supposedly going to get Bryce Harper.

No free agent market in recent memory has looked like the one this season has yet the Yankees fiscal hands are seemingly tied. Why? Because the last time there was this deep of a free agent market the team went out and signed CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and AJ Burnett while also acquiring Nick Swisher from the Chicago White Sox in a trade. That was 2009 and the team, along with a few bumps along the way, is still paying for it. Literally and figuratively.

An early look at the 2019 free agent class looks tantalizing. Bryce Harper is not the only name that will presumably interest the Yankees. Names like Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McCutchen, Josh Donaldson, Adam Jones, Dallas Keuchel, Jose Fernandez and Matt Harvey headline the list while both the best starting pitcher and hitter on this year’s market, Jason Heyward and David Price, can opt out looking for larger deals. That’s before you mention that the Yankees Andrew Miller, the Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel and former Yankees right-hander David Robertson will also hit free agency all before the 2019 season. It’s going to be a deep class to say the least with many intriguing names for New York and their fans to drool over all winter long.

That offseason Chase Headley’s contract will be off the books, hello Donaldson, as well as the bigger names like Carlos Beltran, Miller, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira. The Yankees, as it stands today, have a whopping $57 million coming off the books before that season and Hal Steinbrenner has said the team will spend heavily when they have substantial money coming off the books. That is substantial, expect the Yankees to spend heavily once again before 2019.

A lot can change between now and then, a lot, but it’s still fun to look at as a fan. 


  1. All those big name stars will be 3 years older and will want a 5/6 year contract with big money Does that sound like something we now regret?

    1. Right but Harvey, Keuchel, Fernandez and others will still be extremely young. Not Heyward or Harper young but still.

    2. Don't get me wrong, I would trade Mateo for one of the big-time pitchers in a split second but, for the money they are getting...not so much. Hal would have a fit if Cashman did something like that...which we know he can't do anyhow.

  2. I know everyone says the same thing, Class "A" players are "Always" expendable for a major leaguer and in this case, you may be right as I have not seen him play in person.
    I have had a very good record on picking guys out of the class "A" and "AA" teams before everyone else starts writing about them. "The Kiddy Korp" was made up of players I found in A/AA, admittedly I saw them play...thy all became Major League players. IPK, Joba, Cisco, Brett, Hughes were the "Kiddy Korp"! I had Cabrera and Cano picked before them, but I didn't like either ones attitude for the game. Cano had the sweetest swing I had ever seen since Ted Williams. I remember saying he will change his swing in NY and play 2nd like Joe "D" played CF for the Yankees...never dive for the ball.
    Oh, I missed on a couple here and there, like MO (The main one) but that was because they wanted him to be a starter and I got caught up in the starter thing not bothering to think of the BP at all.

    1. I'm sure but for every one of those players listed above there were 5400905784584 others that flamed out and never made it. If the deal makes sense you absolutely cannot hold onto players in A Ball.

    2. You are right in regard to players with much less upside...!
      I just think there comes along a player with outstanding tools that has shown he can do the job step by step up the climb to the Big Show once in a great while. Not to say Mateo is one of them but his numbers and play have shown he is not your everyday SS/2nd baseman that gets drafted year after year.
      Therefore, I would give him one more year before anyone talks about trading him.
      This guy may be one of those guys without a lot of power that is a GAME Changer.

      Like I said, you are right in your opinion and in about 99% of the time I would be there with you and we would be right but, one can't go by the Box all the time. Just being my stubborn Irish self, Daniel...besides Ken H isn't here to disagree with you so I will. LOL

    3. I'm not saying offer the guy in any and all trades, I'm just saying some deals are too good to pass up. I am all for holding onto Mateo and inserting his speed into the Yankees lineup one day down the road BUT if, and just for an example's sake, the Marlins ask for him for Jose Fernandez I don't blink an eye when I check the "yes" box on the love note.

    4. And yes I've noticed the absence of those two. Not my intention to run them off by any means but that was their decision, I have to respect them for it.

    5. A lot quieter around here isn't it?
      The one thing fans may not realize is Patrick writes the way he writes and that is that. It is just his style of writing and not meant to be contumelious to anyone, just to throw a little extra into his comments!
      It would be nice to have them back without the animosity they showed all to readily.


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