Monday, December 7, 2015

Yankees Reach Out to Miami About Jose Fernandez

The New York Yankees are one of many teams, and when I say many I likely mean somewhere around the 29 other teams mark, that reached out recently to the Miami Marlins regarding ace starting pitcher Jose Fernandez. According to Jon Morosi the asking price is said to be sky high, and it should be, and it seems unclear whether the Yankees will meet it.

I am one of the biggest prospect humpers around and easily the biggest on this website but if the Marlins asked for Aaron Judge and one of Ian Clarkin or James Kaprielian (plus more obviously) I wouldn’t blink an eye when I accepted. If you start adding Gary Sanchez and others that actually create holes on the team rather than fill holes, Robert Refsnyder also comes to mind but he could be replaced rather easily via free agency, that’s where I become a little more skeptical.

No words on what Miami is asking for, whether these GM’s are just doing their due diligence or if Fernandez is truly available, or whether New York would be willing to meet it. I guess you’re going to have to stay tuned.


  1. Burch it's the elf showing his fan base hey I'm leaving no stone unturned. We all know it's window dressing. I won't trade my prospects because my owner is a tightwad so I have to get cheaper. The only way to do this is to bring the farm system up or buy low.

    I can't believe that we the Yankees are so budget conscious that's it's embarrassing. By the way so far Dombrowski is cleaning the elf's clock as usual

    1. Speaking of elf did you see his latest rappelling job he did? He dressed as Cash the Elf.... he reads us, no doubt about it.

    2. I pray every year that he gets stuck on that building. I wish him no harm I just don't want him showing up to the winter meetings.

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  3. JOSE FERNANDEZ...rather exciting what is going around the rumor landscape.

    The Yankees have what it takes, with plenty to spare.
    A three team trade....with Judge, Bird (not Soriano),and Miller involved.
    Miller brings in other young pieces to fatten the pot.
    Not all of Millers returns are sent off....I can go on, but you see ?

    What I'm's like Lego's. You can build this
    to make it work. The chips are there.

    Not for nothing....but the hard nosed Bret Lawrie would be outstanding
    as our 2nd baseman....26 years old. ( Trade )

    This team can be retooled, and Fernandez would be the magic wand.

  4. LETS little kids ?
    If the Fernandez trade happens, if, this is what you have.
    Fernandez...the ace.
    Tanaka...the pressure is gone.
    Soriano...the guy you can't trade.
    Eovaldi...the revolver at 96-98, with a cutter.
    Pinada...less the grease. What a fifth starter !

    All healthy, who will be better in the AL East ? At present ? No one.

    Sign Lawrie...the blue collar, hard nosed, dirty uniformed 2nd baseman,
    and you are almost home. A 26 year old bad ass. Fans will love him.

    And, you still have Gardner, and chips to trade.
    Go hard on Fernandez, seal the deal...and things turn on a dime.

    1. If you acquire Fernandez AT LEAST one of Severino, Eovaldi and Pineda is gone. You're plugging a hole that you just created. Plus Miami basically said he wasn't available for anything less than your team's best five players/prospects.

      Just wondering, and I haven't delved into the stats, why you want Brett Lawrie so bad? Irish?


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