Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Single-Team MLB.TV Streaming is on the Way!

For the first time in sports streaming history Major League Baseball and their streaming service MLB.TV are offering an a la carte option to their fans. In year's past you had to purchase the MLB.TV service for all 30 teams if you wanted to see out of market games like myself and the price was a bit bulky. Sure I sucked it up and paid it anyway, I need to see my Yankees, but it looks like I may be getting a break as soon as the 2016 season as MLB.TV looks to be headed towards offering a one-team streaming service option.

The league will not confirm this until February according to FORBES but the league didn't deny it either saying this:

“… beginning next season MLB will make single-team, out-of-market streams available for purchase (alongside the out-of-market package) on MLB.TV.”

 There's no word on how much this will cost fans but it would presumably be considerably cheaper than the $130 a season that MLB.TV Premium costs now. There's also no word if this will start out as a "per game" experiment or if it will go all season long but you would have to think it would be the latter and not the former. It would make sense for them to do both in my opinion.

To give you an idea of where this is headed the NHL had a similar issue come out recently and they settled by offering one-team out of market streaming for a 20% discount (which would put MLB.TV at roughly $104 a season) of what it would cost to stream all the games live. Stay tuned, but it's coming.

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