Monday, April 11, 2016

Yankees Release Jaron Long, Five Others

Every week the guys and crew over at Baseball America bring us the minor league transactions from the week that used to get overlooked in years past. If it weren't for Baseball America we wouldn't know that the Yankees released six more prospects this week including one pretty big name in my opinion in Jaron Long.

All told the Yankees released Long, the son of former hitting coach Kevin Long, along with KJ Alexander (C), Jake Hernandez (C), Chris Breen (OF), Frank Frias (OF) and another bit of a shocker in outfielder Taylor Dugas.

For the complete list CLICK HERE. 


  1. Taylor Dugas is not much of a shock to me and shouldn't be to you Daniel. He is a avg. glove with speed and not much as a hitter. More like a poor mans Brett.

    1. Or a Ben Gamel, or a Mason Williams or like a lot of guys that the Yankees keep around. That's why i'm shocked. He certainly didn't make the Yankees keep him, I know that.


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