Sunday, May 22, 2016

Greedy Pinstripes Weekend Finale Open Thread

Another weekend bites the dust. These things go by far too fast, don't they? The Yankees had a great weekend out in Oakland and I had an even better weekend in my own personal life. Life is good, the Yankees are good, everything is good. This is the way it should be every weekend.

I leave you tonight with this open thread for the weekend finale. Talk about whatever you'd like but may I suggest Jose Bautista getting knocked out... I mean they are coming to town Tuesday night and it was pretty epic.

Also vote Rougned Odor for the 2016 All-Star Game. He deserves it. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


  1. I can't understand what so many have against Castro. He has done well while playing for us, maybe not a stare but good enough for anyone. Adding Bird at 1st and even if Headley is at 3rd and Didi at SS we are set for another few years.
    Best case scenario is for us to have Castro at 3rd and Mateo at 2nd in 2017.
    Just my opinion!

    1. Ken

      1. Starting pitching is huge, and Warren should have been given an opportunity. He was and is nasty. Especially since ours has been rocky
      2. Refs continues to perform well every opportunity he is given.

      It's still early. Castro started hot, then cooled off considerably. Hits, is fine with risp, plays well enough.

      It's mostly that the yanks have sucked his first 40 games here, and I think that definitely makes for a less accepting transition.


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