Monday, May 23, 2016

Is This the End of Robert Refsnyder?

The New York Yankees are off today but that doesn't mean the brain trust isn't actively working on making some moves for the team. The Yankees were set to activate their DH Alex Rodriguez on Thursday before the 41-year old tweaked his hamstring while jogging down in Arizona. The Yankees decided to give him the weekend and the off day, today, to rest the hamstring with the intentions of activating him tomorrow in the Bronx before the Yankees play host to the Toronto Blue Jays. Does Alex's activation mean the end of the Robert Refsnyder experiment, at least for now, in the Major Leagues?

You have to think yes. Not that he deserves it, he wasn't really given much of a chance this time around, but you have to think that this will be the move that the Yankees pull off. Looking at the Yankees bench you see Austin Romine, Dustin Ackley and Aaron Hicks as names written in stone while the decision comes down to Refsnyder or Torreyes. Torreyes has been up all season long, Refsnyder has not. That should settle it alone. The Yankees feel confident in Torreyes and his ability to play third base while New York is now once again looking at Refsnyder as an outfielder you would have to assume. The Yankees don't need another outfielder, they need someone who can play shortstop in a pinch and someone that back back up Chase Headley.

So there you have it, my guess is that the roster move is Refsnyder down and Alex Rodriguez being activated. I know no more than you and I have no inside information, this is pure speculation, but it makes too much sense not to. Even though Refsnyder has always shown an ability with the bat to make himself a tough out and a tough at bat. I guess that's not enough, you need the defense to go along with it, and that will send Refsnyder back to Triple-A.

Write it down.


  1. Release Tex , Bring up Swisher and send down Goody.Activate ARod or release him

  2. Release Tex , Bring up Swisher and send down Goody.Activate ARod or release him

    1. absolutely not. even if we say they will bat identically, bc swisher has been batting .100 since his nasty start, there's no comparison on defense. i think the other day was the first time I ever saw tex commit an error.

      and Im sure as soon as swisher comes up, there's incentives and $ there- so you'd be paying tex just to leave, then paying more just to have swisher.

  3. If it were only that simple Rev.


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