Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weekly Check In: Ian Clarkin

photo credit courtesy of our friends at Pinstriped Prospects

Somehow some way we skipped over a very important piece of the Yankees farm system this week with our weekly check in posts. Ian Clarkin, you have my apologies. So today we get caught back up and make it up to Clarkin by checking in with the Yankees left-hander as he continues his comeback season in 2016.

With a healthy season in 2016 he could be back on the track to the Major Leagues by the time he would have Bryce Harper backing him up in center field which is encouraging when you look at where he was at this point in his career last season. Clarkin is still growing stronger and still progressing after missing all of 2015 which can be seen in this stat line.

Check in every week to see how much stronger and how much progression the Yankees get out of their stud left-hander and former first round pick. 


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