Thursday, June 9, 2016

Yankees Select Blake Rutherford w/ 18th Overall Pick in 2016 MLB Draft

*In my best Commissioner Rob Manfred voice*

With the 18th pick in the MLB Draft the New York Yankees select outfielder Blake Rutherford.


  1. We need SP and we take an OF. I'm watching the draft and I'm blown away. The kid maybe good but where are the arms and secondly why take a HS kid who could pull a Gerit Cleaned not sign. Good job elf way to address our SP

    1. Committed to ucla. Let's watch this pan out. Jesus christ.

    2. I agree Hans, but at the end of the day, I don't think it really matters. I think the problem lies in player development and not drafting. When you draft 50 players a year for 20 years and can't "accidently" find an ace type pitcher, your issues bigger than scouting and drafting. Come on, even a blind monkey gets a banana every once in awhile. But as you've stated many times, Cashman is in charge, so it's still his responsibility.

    3. I hear you Levin. I do think this lies on the Elfs watch unlike Reed who think that Levine and Trost and Stick are at hand on this. We have no pipe line what so ever to pitching and the guys we draft always get injured hmmm

    4. Like I said on Twitter, which by the way that was Bryan last night and me this afternoon, this is the kind of bat and talent that's hard to pass up. It's not like the Yankees farm system is stacked so any GM, even your beloved Cardinals or Rays, would take the best player available there. The Yankees took the best player available and a player, which may help but may also hurt, that was thought to go first overall at one point this season.

    5. He's only yours if you can sign him. He pulls a Gerit Cole and there is a wasted pick, yes you get another first rd pick but its a sandwich pick second to Bryan I hope he realizes ratings mean shit. Many a first rd pick was a bust so don't buy into he was rated 4th by Keith Law and 8th by MLB scouting service so we got him at 18. There's a reason why you got him at 18 guys and what might that reason be. Because he's asking for the moon and stars. Sorry boys college arms were out there and the Met's took a kid that has an electric arm.

      We took another left-handed bat, I get you have to build your roster to your stadium so tell me how that is working now with McCann and Tex when he's not hurt? Hr's are great during the season but in the playoffs its a different beast. Bad choice especially if they can't sign him


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