Saturday, July 16, 2016

Boycott the Yankees: Why the Business Side of the Yankees Needs to Pay Attention

Boycott the Yankees. This is a movement that many of us have wanted to do or want to do and many of us may or may not have even realized it yet. I interact with so many people on a day-to-day basis either on Twitter, Facebook, face-to-face, email, comments on the blog and other forms of social media and I know the Yankees fan as a whole is frustrated. Many of us want to do something whether we say we do out loud or not and many of us just simply don’t know where to start. I include myself in this equation because I have been very vocal about “hitting the Yankees in the wallet” and doing something about this current regime of Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine and Brian Cashman (among others obviously) but saying it is one thing, doing it is another. That’s where Mike DeLucia comes in, the author of the book Boycott the Yankees, comes in. To organize all our thoughts and begin a movement to take our team and our stadium back.

If you’re still on the fence about the movement then here is an example of what we, as fans, are talking about. Earlier in the week we learned the real reason behind the decisiveness whether to sell, buy or stay still at this year’s trading deadline. It’s not because the upper management and front office believes the team can compete or can’t compete, no, they are more worried about the business side of it. Now sure baseball is a business first and foremost but to some that’s all it is, a business. To most of us and to the ones that matter, you know the ones pouring our money into the business, it’s much, much more than that. It’s a passion.

According to this same ESPN report, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Brian Cashman wants to sell off assets and jump start the rebuilding process while others (*cough* Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine *cough*) do not. Those “others” don’t want to trade because it would make the team better they just want to continue to milk the fans for profits and money. Simple as that. Fans won’t come to see this team nearly as often (and attendance is once again way down in 2016) if some of Carlos Beltran, CC Sabathia, Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Pineda, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, Aroldis Chapman, Ivan Nova, Mark Teixeira and others aren’t there. That’s why the team isn’t sure about selling or not, not because they think this team can win. 

Money should not dictate playing time on this roster and money should not dictate the decisions that are made concerning the roster personnel either to a certain extent. This team has made money hand-over-first for far too long and they made that money at the expense of the fans and at the expense of what truly matters, winning. This team is going nowhere this year nor is it likely going anywhere next year when their aging players are one year older either so do the smart thing, and the business thing, and think about the long term. Sell now, don’t hold onto something for too long and then get stuck with it like you always do. 


  1. I think I am getting a bit pisst.
    One reason..........
    I have been saying to anyone and everyone that the yankees had a GM-Cashman and two bookkeepers that are "Want a Be GM's"...also known as the Tampa Cabal".
    The Cabal has been around for many years and many deals were made because of them and some were shot down because of them. In the old days King George would go with their recommendations over Cashmans' and other times...not so much.
    Now, that the New King Dadumass joined the Cabal, they think to get rich and then sell the team...or any other idea one can think of.

    One reason (on the possetive side)
    They will let Cashman sell try to get under the Cap then do things the right way.
    We have some good guys that can fill some of the holes. Then buy or trade for some vet help to fill in the holes.
    What a hell of a FUBAR!

  2. FUBAR, surfaces again.....Kenneth is really pissed. And, he should be.
    He is watching a toilet back up......So fix it.

    The time to strike is right at the trade deadline. Last minute stuff.

    Let the contenders offer up rich young talent, for the hopes of going deep in the post season. Just as the Yankees did for years.

    It is our turn to haul in a net out fine young talent.

    Viva La....2017 !

    1. Agree. Sell, get under the cap now. Don't wait for a few years and don't wait out the contracts. Trade the contracts. Do what everyone else does and isn't scared to do.

    2. How many times do we have to explain that to some of the fans and hope the management will get it through their heads?

      What gets me is, these guys just don't know baseball at all and they think money first before the player. Cashman must have the patients of Job, to stay and think he can change things around.
      What was it? This year in the FA market? Cashman had a deal for a good player that fit in with the team and he had freed up some money buy trading a few players. The minute the price went over the amount saved Hal said no to the wasn't much over the saved $$$$.

    3. I think Steinbrenner and Levine don't know what they're doing don't have any love for the game don't get involved in the game. Michael's father did. Nobody ever gets angry anymore LOL nobody gets fired anymore LOL I think Cashman makes petty petty trades and I think Joe Girardi and his coaching staff sucks he sucks as a manager. They're all just going through the motions so therefore the players are just going through the motions. No passion from top to bottom. It is a nightmare. Someone needs to motivate these players. If not one of them put the Yankees are for sale. Get somebody who really loves the Yankees.

    4. Unknown hit it with this statement; "Get somebody who really loves the Yankees.", don't you guys?

    5. Kenneth has a point, finding someone who loves this team.

      But are those days gone ?

      For sure, that is not the way this current outfit operates.
      They are so overly fixated on bottom line banking statements.

      They are worth a fortune, but will not divest any of it, as they continue to preach past championship rhetoric.

      I'm not used to this mind think, so screw them.

      Finding someone who will embrace, and love this team.....
      ended when they buried George.

    6. Derek Jeter loves this team. I'm just saying.


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