Saturday, July 16, 2016

What the World Was Like the Last Time the Yankees Finished with a Losing Record

The New York Yankees have not had a losing season since the 1992 Yankees that put up a 76-86 record. All signs point to the possibility of 2016 being a losing season, especially if the team decided to sell at this year’s August 1st trading deadline, so I thought for no other reason than it would be fun to look back at what the world was like back in 1992.

Back in 1992 George Steinbrenner was the owner of the Yankees (yet suspended from day-to-day operations), Buck Showalter was the manager and Don Mattingly was the star player and the captain. Michael Kay was in his first year on the radio beside John Sterling and Gene “Stick” Michael was the team’s General Manager. 

A gallon of gas cost $1.5 while a pound of bacon was just $1.92. A new car would set you back $16,950 and a new house would cost you just $122,500.00 based on your average salary of $30,030.00 annually. 

The civil war in Somalia was in full effect and the United States were acting as humanitarians. 

Ross Perot ran as an independent against Bill Clinton and incumbent President George Bush subsequently dividing the Republican Party and handing the election to Clinton. 

John Gotti, mafia boss, sentenced to life in prison for murder and racketeering. 

The first McDonalds in China opened in Beijing. 

Microsoft released Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Works while AT&T released a video telephone for the low, low price of $1,499. Nicotine patches were developed and introduced while the space shuttle Endeavour made a successful maiden voyage.

Much more went on during the year 1992 but I mainly hit the high points to give you an idea of what was going on during that eventful year that last saw the Yankees with a losing season. Maybe we won’t have to write about this for another 14-15 years. 

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