Saturday, July 16, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Domingo Acevedo

Domingo Acevedo, the huge right-handed pitcher down in the Yankees system that throws 103 MPH and draws comparisons to Dellin Betances in his early 20’s. This kid has all the makings of being something special and unlike another talented Yankees prospect this kid is being moved up through the system with aggression. It seems like the Yankees finally realized they needed to build their own team from within and it seems, as an outsider anyway, that Acevedo is seemingly the future of that mindset alongside others.

So here are Mr. Acevedo’s stats for the week:



  1. Like I have said, I like this guy a lot but, in the Bigs he will need another pitch to be a top of the order starter. With what he has now, he could be in the BP and, "hell hath no fury like a 100mph fastball and a good change-up!".

    1. Yankees will teach him the slider. They love the slider for some reason.

  2. Pineda is a head case, the talent of which he has a lot, is great. But he can't get the first axiom of pitching through his head.
    Throw every pitch the same! He has a good slider but when he gets 2 strikes on the hitter he will try and make it better by throwing harder or trying to get more action...wrong! He is told every time not to try and add to it, but he does it anyhow.

    1. He has all the talent in the world and cannot seem to get out of his own way for whatever reason. He throws a ball or a ball that he thinks is a strike and he lets it snowball and affect him for the rest of the start. You see it. You see him talking to himself on the mound, you see him be very vocal both with words and body motions, when giving up a hit. Head case, perfect way to describe Pineda.

    2. We had a very good pitcher that couldn't get his head set right in NY. Just couldn't pitch for us (other than Randy Johnson) we traded for him twice because he was a good pitcher...but, not for us.
      No I can't remember his name, it started with a "V" (I think).


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