Thursday, July 28, 2016

So the Marlins Want a Yankees Starter? Okay.

The New York Yankees have shown at least a willingness to sell at this year’s trading deadline after already completing a deal with the Chicago Cubs involving Aroldis Chapman and at least discussing deals involving others. We’ve heard it for the better part of a month now that the Miami Marlins need starting pitching and pitching upgrades across the board and the organization may be interested in some arms currently wearing Yankees pinstripes so if Miami wants one of the young arms currently on the Yankees staff I have a few demands before we make this work.

The problem for Miami is there farm system is almost as barren as Brian Cashman’s head (that’s a bald joke for those who are looking to deep into this) which means the Marlins would have to trade from their MLB team to facilitate a trade in my opinion. Now I know what you’re thinking, that kind of defeats the purpose. No? Well yeah it does unless you consider that injured players can be traded as players to be named later. Enter Carter Capps.

Carter Capps had tommy john surgery back in March of 2016 and will miss the entire season and likely part of the 2017 season with the ulnar collateral ligament surgery. Would the Yankees be willing to take a waiver on Capps for say an Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda or Nathan Eovaldi in hopes of him coming back better and stronger than ever after rehabbing? Maybe.

Capps posted a 1.16 ERA in 2015 with a whopping 16.8 strikeouts per nine innings with a blistering 98.1 MPH fastball that would fit in quite well with Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. Wait a second. D for Dellin. M for Miller. C for Capps? The return of No Runs DMC? I like it. 


  1. Over 135.1 innings pitched in MLB, his K/9 is 11.8 (never lower than 10.1 in any of his four seasons). So he can certainly misses bats, which would be nice for any team... let alone the Yankees. He's not a FA until at least 2019, although missing this season could make that 2020 (please don't ask me about the rules... ugh).

    But would the Marlins be ok with losing Capps? I think so...

    Miami has AJ Ramos under control for three more years, and he's been pretty darn good. David Phelps has been striking out way more hitters, and he's not set for free agency until 2019. Despite walking a lot, Kyle Barraclough strikes out a ton of hitters, and he's not a FA until 2022. Nick Wittgren doesn't strike out as many hitters, but he walks so few it's ok, and he's just a rookie. Their losing Dustin McGowan after this season, and he's been a very good reliever.

    I think Miami would be more than willing to part with Capps. So good call, Daniel!

  2. Hell yeah, GREAT call! Not to mention, Chatman is a FAA this upcoming off-season… Could you imagine if we pulled that trade off AND re-signed Chapman??? Holy shit, that would be sweet

    1. That would be a great catch indeed Benny.
      My question is; "Do we NEED him, or just WANT him? If is the latter, it is a no go...for me anyhow! If it is the former that would mean we only have one of Dellin or Miller in the BP. Which would mean we really do NEED him.
      I see three guys on the farm that could be the 7th or 8th inning pitcher and the cost is not near as much as Chapman, nor as good! Dellin is good enough to be the closer and we know Miller can do the job.
      What do you think Benny?


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