Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yankees Off Day Yankee Stadium Walk Up Music Recommendation

The New York Yankees are off today as they travel from Houston back to the east coast to begin a three-game weekend set inside Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays. Many thought this second half schedule would kill and bury the Yankees but the team has made the most of the opportunities against tough teams and against teams in front of them and have impressed many. That doesn’t mean you can lay down against one of the worst teams record wise in the American League. Beat the Rays!

Unfortunately these games won’t happen inside Yankee Stadium (which begs the question… if no one is there to see these Rays and Yankees games did they really happen?) but that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to some music that blares inside Yankee Stadium every time Andrew Miller enters from the bullpen to now close games for the Yankees. Does it?

Every time Andrew Miller enters a game inside Yankee Stadium the song “God's Gonna Cut You Down“ by Johnny Cash is played. Let’s listen to that today as we sit and look out the window like Lou Gehrig used to just waiting on baseball to return.

Enjoy the off day Yankees family and enjoy the song as well. 


  1. Do we think rutherford will get bumped to Charleston or tampa this season? He crushed it again, going 4 for 5, batting.429 in Pulaski

    1. No, that's not how the Yankees do things with their prospects. He'll finish the year in Pulaski, and then get demoted to the GCL to start next year. Just a guess though.


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