Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Two More Days till Baseball Open Thread

The All Star Break is in full swing and we’re moving more towards the “break” aspect of it and less away from the fan experience. The Home Run Derby is in the books, congratulations to Giancarlo Stanton, and home field advantage has been decided for the World Series now that the All Star Game is in the books. Now we’re left anxiously waiting for baseball to resume back on Friday.

The New York Yankees will welcome the Boston Red Sox to the Bronx on Friday to kick off the unofficial second half of the season in what should be the beginning of a tough schedule for the Yankees. The team should definitely “define” or “declare” themselves after this stretch but we won’t know for at least two more days. Two more days!

Can you tell I’m already missing baseball? Enjoy the open thread tonight everyone. Two more days.

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