Saturday, August 27, 2016

Comparing Gary Sanchez to Babe Ruth is….

I’m not comparing Gary Sanchez to Babe Ruth by any means but there are a lot of publications and blogs out there that are so I figured why not try and analyze this and see just how true, or baseless, these claims and comparisons really are. That’s kind of what I do I guess. Let’s get to it and see if we can even put into words and numbers these outlandish, or completely accurate, comparisons here on this lovely Saturday night.

In the first 19 games of Gary Sanchez’s career, which does not include this weekend series in the Bronx with the Baltimore Orioles, the Yankees catcher and prospect has put up nine home runs and 16 RBI in just 80 at bats with an impressive slash of .389/.450/.847/1.297. In 28 hits six of them have been doubles to go along with the nine home run power show while scoring 14 runs and taking eight walks. Impressive, yes I know but how did the Sultan of Swat begin his career all those years ago for the Boston Red Sox?

Ruth got a whole 10 at bats in five games in his rookie season of 1914 and recorded 0 home runs and two hits. That's it but that was as a pitcher only. In 1915 he hit a bit more and finished the season with four home runs but all those at bats once again came as a pinch hitter or as a pitcher. It wasn't until the 1918 season that Ruth started playing the field more than pitching and he still only managed 11 home runs in 95 games. Long story short is Ruth never had the immediate impact as a hitter that Sanchez has had, small sample size or not.

Can you compare the two era's and the two players? No, I don't think that's possible. Ruth split time as a pitcher and a hitter for the beginning of his career and did not have to face specialty relievers, guys throwing 100 MPH etc. Sure he likely faced spitballs and other things that Sanchez doesn't which is why you cannot in good conscience compare the two. So please don't. Please?

*All stats courtesy of Baseball Reference.

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