Saturday, August 27, 2016

Greedy Pinstripes Saturday Night Open Thread

The New York Yankees game is in the book, the grass is mowed, the honey-do list is done for another Saturday and frankly, I’m whooped. I’m not as young as I was yesterday so tonight I leave you with this open thread for the evening. Talk about whatever you would like just keep it classy and respectable please, all I’ve ever asked.

-         - Do you think the Yankees have a shot at sneaking into the playoffs this season?

-        -   If Donald Trump would shut up long enough to take a breath do you think he would be elected the President of the United States?

-         -  Who did Negan kill in the season 6 finale of the Walking Dead?

-        -  Are you ready for some football?

Talk about all that and more. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your Saturday night. 


  1. BEWARE ! The following is political. Deal with it.

    Donald Trump....Tonight,as posted by Daniel..."should he shut up long enough to take a breath, or even be elected ?" Not my words..........

    Do you imply this great Nation needs a awfully flawed women ?
    The economy has sucked for 8 years. The golfer ran on fixing that situation. Sell that to the flooded in Louisiana.

    Our once great military is handcuffed. I'll stop. This is too easy.

    Illegal, non educated, law breakers...are now simply undocumented ?
    We used to have laws that would correct that.

    Resetting the Supreme Court, will make us third world.

    The open boarders, by decree, will allow ISIS to enter our nation, and kill folks like you, and your children. You will not be exempted.

    No need to go on any further. This is not difficult to understand.

    Trump may trip up at times, as he has the entire media let you know...
    ....but, to say he should shut up, will be the end of this nation as
    we have known it.

    Language, culture, and boarders....Simple. Don't let them take it away.

    I did not post this thread. I'm just contributing.

    Our tilting world as we know it is real. Baseball is fantasy.

    1. I never implied the nation needed Hilary. I implied that Trump needs to shut up if he wants to win. Look at the polls. He was beating Hilary until the talks of getting Russia to hack her and before talks of putting a hit out on people and all the other crap started to hit the airwaves, now (in the polls) he's getting crushed.

  2. You sound like someone who dropped out of school in 4th grade. The article and your answers are 5th grade at best.

    Your lack of education has you scared shitless and you are praying on a profit king like trump because he seems to be the only person with a real answer to stop uneducated hicks like you from being homeless

    Man up and complete in a equal world. Stop looking for advantages you douche

  3. Some should look to what they speak, before running down a person because he will not agree with the many lies and innuendos being put forth every four years.
    He of whom you speak has his own company and the only thing he needs (as do we all) is the Government get the hell out of our way and let those that have built this great country do what they do best, create JOBS at a fair wage not set by some Socialist that sees anyone making a profit an enemy of the state.
    How has your situation changed in the last eight years? For the better? I don't think so but, someone that is running for office made over $100,000,000 while working for the four years!
    Look up the real definition of "A Socialist Government" before calling one uneducated and you will find there has never been a successful Socialist Government in the history of the World!

    Now, back to baseball!


    That's the company I built over the past period you speak of. And you continue to speak of profit and old times, which ONLY means a period of unfair advantage for whites. This is the reason people like you dream of Trump. You fear an equal world in which you must compete on a level playing field.

    I built my company from $0. And I have been fortunate to work with the brilliant people that I do. I do not live in a world of profits. I work to help others.

  5. Clifton stop playing the race card here. This is a baseball site. Patrick happens to be very well educated and I can assure you that your comments were based by a racially motivated individual that happens to be you. You're probably one of those guys that are promoting BLM. Well in my world all lives matter. There's a TV show called Blackish, imagine if there was a TV show called Whitish. Guys like you would be crying racism. You have the Black Entertainment awards, you don't see the White entertainment awards. See I'm an equal opportunity realist. I hate people that are every single color and I like people from every single color. My point is it doesn't matter what color you are, if your an asshole, sorry for the language Burch then thats what you are. Green, Yellow, Black or White. By the way I grew in a very large African American community and have many friends that are dear to me so lets chill on this race thing.

    1. It stopped being about sports from the first post. Take off your racist glasses and read the first post. And another thing, your thoughts are all over the place.

      You clearly have mental issues that prevents basic comprehension.

    2. You started up a company yet your demeanor and lack of respect on the internet says your a 12-year old little girl living in your mother's basement. Which is it? You can't be that arrogant, can you? Get over yourself.

      Disagreeing is one thing, being a douche bag is another. Let's be more of the former and less of the latter or I'm going to have to ask you to leave. And when I say ask you to leave I mean dismiss you.

      Thank you in advance.

    3. You lack the power looser. 😭😭

    4. Started his own company, can't spell the word LOSER. And yet you want to be taken serious here. Laughable.

    5. That's the one thing you focus on after all I said. Autocorrect. πŸ‘πŸΏ

  6. Lack of respect? Like you have to insult two people on the Internet? I can easily see you loosing your job.

    My comment was not to you but to someone else who turned this thread political and racist. I can assure you that my education level is higher than yours and my station in life would reflect that compared to yours.

    I do not need to curse or insult you to make the point that you are failing to make. The fact that you retuned to this post with your school age insults perhaps says a lot about why you are unfit to be making a public opinion. And truthfully, I never saw anything wrong with what you said until you attacked me for calling out someone who you are also now calling out.

    You Sir are a looser of the worst kind.

    1. Don't know where you got that higher education level from but looser is spelled incorrectly. And you did it twice now... so it wasn't merely a typo or a mistake.

    2. Maybe I'm completely ignorant here but I've read my post and Patrick's post multiple times now (and subsequently read the entire thread here) and the first and only person to bring up race of any sort is you... so who is playing the racist card here? Who brought up the subject?

      But we're "loosers."

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. You brought up politics on a sports post. Your insistence on calling the President out of his name is motivated by your racial prejudice and personal fears. Your other attacks also reflect that.

      And since we comparing autocorrect and intelligence, how about you stop hiding. I am Clifton Hall. How about you give me your link.

      Mines is

      Link me to you and let's have this debate publicly. LooserπŸ€“πŸ€“

  7. Burch you nor Patrick did anything wrong here. This guy clearly is a racist of the worst kind. You can tell him the sky is blue and water is wet and he wont comprehend your statement. Don't waste anymore brain cells on this Al Sharpton wanna be, who by the way Clifton owes the IRS over $4 million dollars, yet our President has invited him to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue over 80 times without arresting him. I can assure you my man that any white person would've been arrested already for not paying his taxes. So what does that make the President? I don't see color I just see someone like you who tries to incite people to make them sound racist so you can stand on your soap box and preach you're treated unfairly. People make their own breaks and carve out their own destiny in life.

    1. Ken Hans...hold your fire on this guy. Don't waste your time.
      He stands for nothing. He is baiting you with nonsense. There
      is no substance to his posts. Just bullshit.
      You are better than he. Move on.

    2. I'm baiting him yet I have never said a word to him until he commented from my comment to you. The level of intelligence in this thread is impressive.

    3. If you don't like the thread, then go away fuckstick. People are free to express their opinions here. Especially when they've been here for years. You've been here for 2 seconds. Take your misspellings, your poor grammar, your fake company, and get the fuck out of here troll.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I see the education level here is getting lower because you all are getting more boring. And last comment for you rednecks, how many of you graduated 12th grade??

      I don't need an answer. The fact that you all live in a trailer park and afraid to reveal anything any of you have accomplished says a lot.

      Bye rednecks, was cool having you all on my huge black 😳😳.

      Black Power asshole✊🏿✊🏿

    6. Mr. Hall, I think your time is up around here. I have had my ass saved by Black people, white people and many others in my long years in the Army. I don't know about you but Blood is Red not Black or White. Color is in the mind of those who think everyone is holding them back, I made my way out of a place called "Hells Kitchen" back when it made Chicago look like a school yard. I have done it on my own with a lot of blood and hard work. Patrick was Navy and he made it on his own. Daniel, Jeff and Ken H are good people, and as long as I have been on this site have never written a racist thing in that time.
      I will apologize for thinking you may have done things and gotten to a good place in life, but it seems as though you are still looking for something more than a handout from a Gov company (.org). Go get won't come to you!
      Good Luck!

    7. FINALLY !....In the last sentence of the prior above post....
      Clifton, if that is what he wants you to think he goes by...
      looks like he posted his real name.
      You never know with fake.....provocateurs.

    8. KENNETH R.....You may not admit it, but the boys put up
      a solid skirmish line today. They held firm, and rallied
      around this site. Nice to see.

      After nine years ! Get it right !...My name is patrick,
      not Patrick.
      So much for your schooling in the west side of Manhattan.

    9. What was wrong with my schooling, we burned it down so we could go to the newer school!
      L.C. p for a Prop. Name? OK. as you wish patrick!

      And yes, it was something to behold for sure!
      I have been watching the NEWS on CBS, NBC, ABC and don't see much in the way of balance but, they do have a lot of supposition, innuendos, and downright lies. If one wishes to watch the news with a balanced approach watch FOX News for a week they will balance the people of both parties. No matter what others say, it is the most even handed news around!
      My Opinion!

  8. Sorry about that guys, but I just had to have some fun! I am visiting my in-laws out of state...boring! Try being the only one of about 25 people that can't speak Vietnamese very well.
    The only saving grace is the women are great looking, even better than great!


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