Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Brady Lail

Yesterday morning we learned who the New York Yankees will either have to protect or leave out there for anyone to grab up in the Rule 5 Draft this winter and one of those men is the showcase of the day here on the blog, Brady Lail. For whatever reason, because it’s definitely not the stuff, pitching repertoire, etc. Lail reminds me a lot of a pitcher who was protected and then ultimately traded last year in Rookie Davis. I guess the comparisons come to my mind because neither are going to blow you away with overpowering stuff and neither are probably going to strike out 200+ in a season or win 20+ games in a year but both just always seem to find a way to keep their team in the game, find a way to win and simply find a way to pitch in the purest sense of the word.

For these reasons alone I believe Lail will be left unprotected this winter and for these reasons I believe some team may take a waiver on him and give him all spring training to prove his worth. I mean what does the picking team have to lose in the grand scheme of things? So here is what Lail has done this season to date and here is what the Yankees are at risk of losing here this winter. One game at a time though, let’s worry about this winter in the winter. 


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