Thursday, August 11, 2016

Could the Yankees Land Kendrys Morales?

The New York Yankees have a big day ahead of them and a bittersweet day at that this Friday, August 12th as Alex Rodriguez says goodbye to the game as a player and joins the Yankees front office. While many of us, myself included, clamored for which prospect we thought would come up to replace Alex when his 25 and 40 man roster spots are cleared I got thinking outside the box a little bit today and could have possibly come up with a Plan B. According to the Yankees the team is not waving the white flag for the 2016 season and according to reports before the August 1st trading deadline the Kansas City Royals were in fact ready to wave the white flag and sell which got me thinking, could the Yankees land Kendrys Morales for their soon-to-be vacant DH spot?

The Yankees have no reason not to believe that they are at least in the discussion for the American League’s second Wild Card while KC’s GM Dayton Moore has said on more than one occasion that he would prefer to move both Morales and RHP Edinson Volquez before the August 31st waiver trade deadline, could the Yankees be a match? If they are truly, yet reluctantly if at all possible, all in on the idea of playing for a play-in game then Morales makes a lot of sense without sacrificing too much of the future. Morales is a switch-hitting DH that can play some first base, although you probably don’t want him to at this point, and he also is set to hit free agency after the 2016 season.

New York could presumably take on all of the salary still owed to Morales while giving up a lesser prospect in the deal. I take the Tyler Clippard for Vicente Campos as a prime example of the type of deal we’re looking at here. I for one would rather see Tyler Austin or Aaron Judge come up and get their feet wet but if the Yankees are serious about making a run at this in 2016 and they want a veteran and proven bat they may have a “buy-low’ candidate in Morales right before their eyes. All Morales has to do now is clear waivers and that sometimes is easier said than done. 


  1. Nada, Daniel! If we make a run at the WC and get it...that is not good on a few different fronts.
    The best thing would be to end with a top 10 pick in the draft (we couldn't lose it by signing a FA) and at the same time see what we have and what we Need this winter! Although, there isn't much talent out there this winter to go after. Use the DH for players to get a half day off etc.
    We have or could have a few holes to fill next year.

  2. Daniel, you knew this was coming....a broadside.

    Kendrys Morales....for a team just above flat line, who needs him ?

    A roster spot for what ? A blocker of young talent in a go no where year ?
    This is the team that can not find a reason to play Alex,
    in his final days, while Hicks at .191, is starting in right ?

    I still state, if I was treated as they did Alex....I'm gone.
    Let some mgmt. type explain that to the full house on Friday.

    1. I like to play Devil's Advocate, you know that. I throw stuff out there at the wall and see if it sticks. Nothing more. You all know where I stand as far as prospects go.

    2. I know you do that, as do I, but one can never be wrong with thinking outside the box. I mean, look at the things that have happened this year;

      Headley a guy we all gave up on (well, me anyhow) has done a good job. Castro has been a marginal 2nd baseman. Hicks has played as though he belongs in "A" ball. And Didi has come on very strong. Both Romine and Sanchez have shown they can play the game.

      You do a very fine job Daniel, no problem, the management around the team has had us all thinking and wondering..."what the hell are they doing today?"
      Let's all have some fun!

  3. I think that McCann will take over and mostly play DH next season (if he is still even on the team) with Sanchez mainly catching

    1. It wouldn't surprise me to see McCann traded, over the winter or before. He has gone through waivers, and that is a sign someone may have an interest in him even now for the push for the playoffs!
      The thing with having Sanchez and Romine as our two catchers is both are right handed hitters so, ONE of the three has to go in a trade...over the winter?

    2. Wouldn't a team that had interest in him put in a waiver claim for him?

    3. Thinking like that is not good for you Daniel! LOL
      Maybe they were not yet ready or not in a good position to do so at that time. Come winter it may look good to someone...or not!
      Just a thought!


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