Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Justus Sheffield

The New York Yankees have shaken up the organization as of late with many key trades before the August 1st trading deadline but no trade brought in more in terms of prospects, future potential and players than that of the Andrew Miller trade. We’ve already met the centerpiece of that trade Clint Frazier but just because Frazier was the centerpiece that isn’t meant to take anything away from the other Top 10 Cleveland Indians prospect that was included, Justus Sheffield. Sheffield is a great addition to any team and any farm system as well by himself let alone with Frazier so let’s meet him. This is Meet a Prospect: The Justus Sheffield Edition.

Sheffield has only spent a full season in the minor leagues but he has already been impressive enough to snag a Top 10 prospect spot in a loaded Cleveland Indians system. That shows talent and that shows ceiling and upside despite a small pitchers frame of 5’10”. Sheffield is not the type of pitcher that is going to throw 105 MPH like Aroldis Chapman and simply make hitters look silly but he is a pitcher that is going to keep you off-balance with a great curveball and slider that compliments his fastball. Sheffield is also developing a changeup that could make him a devastating starting pitcher in his future if he can harness it and use the pitch efficiently.

Sheffield projects to be a middle-of-the-rotation type starter with some calling him a potential #2 starter, best case scenario, or likely a #3 type starter. Sheffield garners enough strikeouts to make him lethal while limiting his walks effectively, think Michael Pineda when he is firing on all cylinders. Sheffield is not without his character flaws, which may have motivated Cleveland to include him in the deal, after pleading guilty to underage drinking and breaking into a house last year (he thought the person’s home he broke into was a man who was messing around with his girlfriend) but if he can put the off-the-field crap behind him (again, like Michael Pineda… remember his DUI and mugshot?) then he could be a valuable Yankees starter and valuable member of the organization.

Welcome to the family Justus!

ETA: Mid-to-late 2018

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