Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Post Trade Deadline Top 16 Prospects List

The New York Yankees got an absolute haul from other teams before the August 1st trading deadline thus restocking their farm system and speeding up their inevitable rebuild. The Yankees organization and franchise has been shaped for years to come thanks to the trades of Carlos Beltran, Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller and that all begins with their farm system. I wanted to do a Top 10 prospects list but I couldn't contain myself to just 10 so I decided to go 15. Well, 16 because how can you leave off my #16 prospect pick, right?

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1. Clint Frazier
2. Gleyber Torres
3. Jorge Mateo
4. Aaron Judge
5. Gary Sanchez
6. James Kaprielian
7. Billy McKinney
8. Blake Rutherford
9. Justus Sheffield
10. Dillon Tate
11. Dustin Fowler
12. Ian Clarkin
13. Wilkerman Garcia
143. Miguel Andujar
15. Tyler Wade
16. Domingo Acevedo

So many good prospects I wanted to put here or near here. Chance Adams, Drew Finley, Brady Lail, Ben Gamel. #TooManyDamnProspects.


  1. Why have we not seen Dietrich Enns (or Chad Green) on any prospect lists, despite the dominance both have shown at the minor league level. Is Enns not a real prospect?

    1. Enns and Green are "real"prospects but you have to understand that A) prospects lists are generally more opinion based than anything and B) that opinion is comprised of stats and projections.

      Neither Enns nor Green have completely dominated affiliates like say a Domingo Acevedo or Luis Severino has done. They are more your middle-of-the-road type prospects, and that's not meant to be a slap in the face either.

      Every good team has stars(or players the team has made into a star) and they have the players that simply fill a role and do it well. Derek Jeter was a star but he isn't winning all those World Series without Ramiro Mendoza, Scott Brosius, Chuck Knoblauch and the role players like that.

      That's more what I think Enns, Green and others like Connor Mullee are.

  2. 1. Clint Frazier
    2. Gleyber Torres
    3. Jorge Mateo
    4. Aaron Judge
    5. Billy McKinney
    6. Gary Sanchez
    7. James Kaprielian
    8. Domingo Acevedo
    9. Chance Adams
    10.Blake Rutherford
    11. Wilkerman Garcia
    12. Dustin Fowler
    13. Dillon Tate
    14. Ian Clarkin
    15. Justus Sheffield
    16. Tyler Wade

    Just because I had to disagree with you on something, besides, you are right; Too damn many good players, hell, the first 6 could be interchangeable...well very, very close anyhow!

    1. It's a good problem to have and a good thing to debate. Too many prospects and not enough places to put them all. I felt awful putting Acevedo so low but he's in A-Ball and he has been a bit injury prone (freak injuries and not injuries to his arm but whatever).

      Just goes to show you how deep the system is right now.

    2. I had a good reply for you Daniel, but I think my system is going south on me!
      I just have to call the tech guys that set up this computer system. Nobody else seems able to figure it out.

    3. What's going on with it? Maybe I can help.

    4. I don't really think so, this was set-up by some guys from D.C.! Why, I don't know, I am way over age now days...September I'll be 79! I do have two macs an iMac and a Macbook pro. One is hooked up to a PC some how , as that is what they use. It blows up sometimes and it takes me two hours to set it right...yes, I can follow instructions but it pis--sss me off!
      They are coming up to pull it out for me on Monday.
      But thanks anyhow, life is full of fun! lol

  3. OUTFIELD PROSPECTS.....there where so many before the sell off.
    Now there are even more talented outfield players. Outstanding.

    I did save that last candle, turned out to of been made in New Jersey.

    New Jersey...Hmmm? Time to step back on the big stage....Ken Hans.


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