Sunday, August 21, 2016

What About Lourdes Gourriel Jr.?

Major League Baseball has finally declared Lourdes Gourriel Jr., younger brother of now Houston Astros player Yulieski Gourriel, a MLB free agent. Yulieski just recently signed a five-year deal worth $47.5 million and Lourdes is expected to sign for either longer, more money or both due to his age. Currently Lourdes is 22-years old meaning due to his age and lack of professional baseball in his career he is subject to the international free agent signing restrictions. If Lourdes waits until October, which all reports say he will do, when he turns 23-years old he would be a true free agent and could be signed with restrictions. Is that where the Yankees come in?

Here is what I wrote about both Yulieski and Lourdes back when they defected. I wanted both now and I would take Lourdes now. He will have to go to the minor leagues for a year or three to fine-tune his talents and won't be an immediate impact but the Yankees don't need an immediate impact. The youth movement has begun and the youth movement takes time. This signing makes a lot of sense. Will it happen? Leave it below in the comments section.

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