Sunday, August 21, 2016

Which MLB Ball Park Should You Visit?

Let's say you only have time to see one more MLB stadium before you go, which stadium should it be? That's a hard decision to make for some. Sure, you have the stadium of your home team but it's likely that you've been there a few hundred times in a lot of cases. What about a rival's stadium? You may or may not have visited this stadium but do you really want to head into enemy territory for your final stadium visit or ultimate stadium visit? Decisions, decisions, decisions but that's where Fox Sports is here to help. 

Fox Sports has developed a quiz that asks a few questions about your ultimate stadium viewing and visiting experience and chooses the stadium that you should cross of your bucket list and head out to visit. To take the quiz CLICK HERE and you can see below for an example of the results as the quiz gave me Yankee Stadium. I kind of thought that was coming by some of the questions asked but I answered honestly anyway and this is what I got. Leave your choice in the comments section below or tweet us them @GreedyStripes. 

Only the Coliseum in Rome can match the grandiose of Yankee Stadium. It's massive, grand and a tribute to the House That Ruth Built. Though it's not the historic ballpark that sat across the street, it's still a must-see for any baseball fan.


  1. Replies
    1. They say that's one of the nicer stadiums in the league.

  2. I have visited many stadiums old and new as well as the Coliseum where I saw Mr. Reed fighting in front of Cesar. The stadium that I need to go to is Fenway Park, not because of the scum that occupy the seats there daily. I want to see the history of the park.

    1. I agree. Fenway is at the top of my list in a 1A and 1B with Wrigley. Like you said, the history is undeniable and I want to visit it before they pull a dumb shit Yankees move and tear it down.

    2. I been to Wrigley and sat in a sky box. Awesome experience. I have been to Old Cominsky and the old Stadium in Texas along with others.

    3. That is the one I won, I hope...Ken!

    4. I have only been to the old, the upgraded and the new, Yankee Stadium, and Chicago White Sox.!
      You guys have it over me, it would have been nice to visit many of them.


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