Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Chance Adams

The Yankees have more than a few hidden gems in the starting pitching department down on the farm system and we have gushed over Jordan Montgomery a ton over the last couple of days but I don't Chance Adams to get discouraged or feel left out. Adams was actually a guy I was really high on when the Yankees drafted him and I even predicted that he would be the first to hit the Major Leagues after being drafted in 2015 Draft and I even asked the question whether he could reach the Major Leagues by September of last year.

I was that high on Adams and just because he didn't make it last September or hasn't made it since doesn't mean I am necessarily down on the guy. When those predictions were made it was widely thought that Adams was going to be a bullpen piece for the Yankees going forward but New York has decided to stretch him out and give him every shot to fail as a starter. Thus far that has turned out to be one of the better decisions the Yankees have made recently.

I have included Adams 2015 stats as well so this can serve as not only just a weekly check in post but as a bit of a catch up post as well. Enjoy.


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