Thursday, September 15, 2016

Betances Blows Game, Gives Up Walk Off HR to Ramirez for Second Straight Loss

On a very autumnal evening at Fenway Park, the Yankees squandered a chance to gain any ground on either Boston or Baltimore as their closer blew the game for his team for a second straight night. Masahiro Tanaka showed some real toughness tonight, not having his A stuff but working deep into the game for what seemingly would have been a huge game one win. Eduardo Rodriguez started for Boston, and despite his career 4-0 record against New York, the lefty was erratic all night long but was bailed out by another Bronx bullpen implosion.

It didn't take long for the Yankees to get to young Rodriguez, jumping on the lefty for two runs in the top of the first. Jacoby Ellsbury got the rally started with a line drive single to center, advancing to third on a Gary Sanchez 415-ft ground-rule double. Tonight's four-hole hitter Starlin Castro then lined a single to center. scoring Ellsbury and giving the Yankees a one run lead. The newest Yankee, just acquired last night, Billy Butler followed up with a fly ball to Bradley Jr. in centerfield that was deep enough to plate Sanchez from third to push the Bombers first inning advantage to two.

The Yanks kept the offense of pressure on in the top of the third as they put two more runs on the board and knocked young Rodriguez out of the game. With one out, Starlin Castro drilled a double to center, scoring on Butler's Second RBI and a Yankee uniform in as many at-bats; a single to center that scored Castro and made it a 3-0 ball game. After a Didi Gregorius double that advanced Butler to third, Chase Headley lofted a single in front of right fielder Mookie Betts that allowed Butler to score and widen their lead to 4-0. That run came off the fourth consecutive hit allowed by Rodriguez, forcing Sox manager John Farrell to pull his young lefty for Heath Hembree.

David Ortiz got one of those runs back for the Red Sox in the bottom of the frame, smacking a sacrifice fly to left that scored Jackie Bradley Jr. to make it a 4-1 ballgame.

But the Bombers got that Ortiz RBI back in the top of the fourth as New York kept their foot on the gas in the middle innings. Starlin Castro recorded his third RBI of the night when he hit a ground ball that was deflected off of the pitcher Hembree's glove for an infield single, scoring Gardner from third and extending the Yankee lead back up to four.

While he didn't have his best stuff tonight, Tanaka proved why he is the ace of the staff with his gutsy performance tonight. Masahiro tossed a tough seven innings of one-run ball, allowing just four hits with no strikeouts and three walks.

David Ortiz passed Mickey Mantle with his 537th career homerun, a 446-ft solo shot to dead center off Adam Warren that made it a 5-2 game.

Even having just a three-run lead, Tommy Layne came on to record the first out of the nineth, only to give way to Blake Parker. Parker immediately drilled former Yankee Chris Young and was pulled for yesterday's losing pitcher Delin Betances. The big closer walked Dustin Pedroia, who took second on a double steal that was ruled defensive indifference. Xander Bogarts then nubbed a ball back to Betances. who instinctively threw it to home to get Young in a rundown as out number two. David Ortiz then laced a single to right that scored Pedroia to make it 5-3. Mookie Betts then singled in the fourth Red Sox run, and then Hanley Ramirez sent Boston fans home happy with a walk off three run jack. I have no idea why Girardi decided to bring in his closer in the middle of an inning AND the night after he had one of the toughest outings of his 2016 season. Whatever reason he decided to do it, it flat didn't work and knocked the Yankees back five games now out of the AL East lead.

Let's hope they have a short memory as they face Boston tomorrow again in Fenway for game two, with first pitch scheduled for 7:05 PM/EST.



  1. Hmmmmmm...Bottom line, why is anyone surprised ?

    1. First off I'm pissed off beyond belief of what I watched last night. I like Betances, however he apparently has the yips and can't throw to a base or hold runners on. He gives up a double steal up by 3 runs I believe.

      Sanchez still has a long way to go defensively so let's not anoint him Munson just yet. He has to many visits to the mound with all pitchers as well.

      In my opinion Berances just isn't a closer. He doesn't seem to have the mindset. Again that's my opinion. First thing I do when FA opens is back a truck full of money up to Champan's house and pay the man Hal

      Stop being a freaking tightwad and act like a 3.4 billion dollar team.

    2. I agree, Betances is not a closer. He does not have the stamina to pitch every day like a close does and if you check my last post you'll see how bad Girardi has overused Betances and how it was a ridiculous move to even put him in the ballgame last night.

    3. I can get behind questioning whether he is a closer or not but the argument that he doesn't have the stamina may be a bit shortsighted. He is used to pitching 2-4 innings every three days or more. He has the stamina. Everyone gets tired. It's not because he has been closing though, it's the abuse as the 7th and 8th inning guy earlier on in the season and for the last couple of seasons that is catching up to him. Even Rivera got tired, even if it didn't always look like it.

    4. I think I have said before Dellin is an 8th inning guy that can (if need) give you 4 outs. Dellin can close if one doesn't mind having a heart attack! I was against trading Chapman and Miller, one of them is ok...but, one has to give up something to get something!

  2. It's starting to be obvious, Martha.....

    Betances was confident, exceptional workhorse, when he knew he had Chapman behind him.

    Betances is very good, but not a premier closer. May never be.
    You don't need me to tell you mugs that.

    Let the young ones play / and fail. Then collect all the facts, and
    address the weaknesses in the off season.

    To bring back Chapman has to be a top priority.
    Candles have been ordered.

    1. Let's hope the tightwad sees this along with the elf. I could agree with you more on Betances, its even concerning me that I am agreeing with Reed lol

    2. Yankees haven't been afraid to spend money on the bullpen lately because they know the starters suck. Chapman may be out of the price range, he shouldn't be but I'm trying to be realistic and yes I remember we're a 3.4 billion organization, but a closer type or two will be added this winter. I feel it.

  3. I would be in favor of Melancon over Chapman...younger, less $$$ and years, hopefully! Almost or, as good, depending on who you talk to.
    There is word of the Mets slugger opting out after this year and becoming an FA. Now The Yanks are mentioned as bidders for him...I am vetoing that here and now. why pay a 30 year old $100,000,000? the new kid from Cuba makes much more sense to me. Hope Cashman gets his way on this one because we need a game changer in the outfield.

  4. Guy's I don't want to be a Debbie downer but you're both living in delusionville. Hal will not spend money as he is still eating Arods salary and CC is still on the active roster. Let's see the elf get some SP can that can last longer than 4 1/3 innings.

    When is Larry Rothschild going to feel some heat? What has he done to warrant coming back? I don't think like some of you that this guy is all he is cracked up to be

  5. HANS of Plumbing....
    You are more than welcome to agree with me. It's about time.

    I don't know where this run is going to end, but this is not going
    to be a Hollywood movie. We have all had time to see what we have,
    and they do not have enough...of anything to contend.

    Yes, an improvement from '15, but work must be done.

    They still are playing well for manager Joe, although it is time
    to put aside the riders whip. This horse can not give you any better. There will be a next year.

    Bring on up any young talent, not yet called upon, for the remaining
    weeks, so they can see what awaits them. Let them dream, and prepare
    to go after their life's dream........Why not ?

  6. DIDN'T TAKE return to true form!

    Yanks up 4-0, Sabathia just gives up a 3 run shot just over the Monster.
    They all look stunned ! Duh?
    That same dumb look on their faces all year.

    The beginning of the end, for tonight, I fear.
    We can now switch over to unwatchable.

    I've kept my promise....very easily. I have not watched a
    complete game of this $3 billion dollar sports team all year.
    Three innings tops. Most times only the post game.

    No aggravation, and I'll live longer.
    It was harder giving up smoking. Sad.


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