Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lourdes Gourriel Held September Showcase for MLB Teams

The latest “next big thing” to come out of Cuba is Lourdes Gourriel and after being declared a free agent by Major League Baseball recently he is ready to take the next step towards his professional career in the United States. Gourriel held a showcase for Major League teams yesterday in Panama City and Lourdes, the younger brother of Houston Astros prospect Yulieski Gourriel, reportedly put on a show. Were the Yankees watching?

I can remember when it was announced that these two fled their native country for a career in the United States that many believed it was Lourdes and not Yulieski that was the ultimate prize. Yulieski was a little bit older but he has been seen absolutely tearing the cover off the ball for the Astros since Houston promoted him in August. If Yulieski is this good, Lourdes should be better. I think so anyway, do the Yankees?

The Yankees are working towards a youth movement and the 2017 season and beyond and Lourdes fits that mold much better than Yulieski would have. Lourdes is expected to wait until October to sign so he will not be subject to MLB’s international free agency signing rules and restrictions for amateur players which also fits into the mold of what the Yankees are currently doing. See the Yankees are still on a signing restriction from their international haul from a few years back and cannot sign an amateur free agent for more than $300K if they fall under the IFA criteria, once Lourdes has a birthday in October he will no longer be subject to those rules and will be treated as a true free agent.

Lourdes is 10-years younger than his brother Yulieski and all signs point to him being a cheaper sign than the $47.5 million the Astros gave to his older brother earlier this year. For these reasons and many more there is expected to be stiff competition for Lourdes and Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball has even said as many as 20+ teams will be interested in his services once he decides to sign after his 23rd birthday.

Gourriel turns 23-years old on October 19, 2016 and then all hell breaks loose for his services. The Yankees have never been publicly linked to Gourriel but when the Yankees have an opportunity to add a young player with talent for just money they usually get their guy when they want him. Here’s to hoping they want Lourdes Gourriel. Don’t let this be another Yoan Moncada incident.


  1. Yankees could've had 10 people watching him. The Coupon Clipper is not dipping into his wallet. We happen to have the tightest wad Steinbrenner running the show.

    1. In the end when we talk about this in October after he's signed you'll probably be right but I just keep holding out hope that this will be another Masahiro Tanaka situation and that we'll sign him.

      We didn't dip into the Japanese market much either thanks to Igawa and Irabu before Tanaka. Maybe Lourdes can be our entryway into the Cuban market, finally.

    2. If I were a betting man, I think I would bet on us getting Lourdes this winter!
      We have to get Brett and Ellsbury traded before next year...also Hicks, unless he has improved his game by spring training!
      In fact, I would trade, McCain and Headly.


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