Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yankees Off Night Open Thread

Not many of these left this season, is there? The Yankees are off tonight so I am taking the rest of the night off as well as we rest up and prepare for the trip to Oriole Park and Camden Yards for a big three-game series. This series has the potential to make or break the Yankees in both postseason races they currently find themselves in so all eyes should be glued to the team this weekend. That’s this weekend, today is only Thursday. Let’s relax one more night so I leave you with this open thread for the evening. Talk about whatever you like with the exception of politics please. Our regulars don’t seem to have a problem with the freedom they are given here to openly express themselves without being heavily moderated and controlled unnecessarily but others can’t seem to figure out what to do with themselves with this new-found freedom. Such is life.

Enjoy the night everyone and let’s get ready for the Orioles series this weekend and the return of College Football. I know I’ll be watching Georgia Tech tomorrow while they take on Boston College in Ireland, what games will you be watching?

Enjoy the evening everyone and we’ll be back at full strength tomorrow. 

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