Monday, October 3, 2016

Recapping 2016: The Major Injuries

The 2016 regular season is over and unfortunately there will be no playoffs for the Bronx Bombers this season despite the best efforts of the club in the second half. That's a shame if you ask me and while many are left searching for a reason why I would instead rather to just recap the season, chalk it up as a learning experience and move on.

Overall injuries hit the Yankees pretty hard but injuries hit every team. All-in-all the Yankees had a few key injuries that really hurt and we'll cover those here this morning as we recap the 2016 season.


Greg Bird has surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder missing the entire 2016 season.


Nick Rumbelow undergoes Tommy John surgery and will miss the remainder of the season.


A major member of the Scranton Shuttle and the Yankees bullpen Branden Pinder undergoes Tommy John surgery and will miss the entire 2016 season and likely half of the 2017 season as well.


Dustin Ackley dives back into first base on a pickoff attempt and tears the labrum in his shoulder while also dislocating it. Season over.


Connor Mullee transferred to 60-day DL with numbness in his throwing hand.


Nathan Eovaldi learns he has a torn flexor tendon and torn ulnar collateral ligament resulting in two surgeries including the dreaded Tommy John surgery. 2016 over. 2017 over. Yankees tenure likely over.


Chad Green sprains his UCL and strains his flexor tendon. While the righty avoids the same surgeries that Nathan Eovaldi could not his season is over nonetheless.


Aaron Judge strains an oblique muscle and will miss the remainder of the season.


Masahiro Tanaka has a slight strain in his pitching forearm and misses the final two starts of the season.

These are just a few of the major injuries the Yankees dealt with in 2016. CC Sabathia had his obligatory trip to the DL with a lower leg injury, Mark Teixeira and Chase Headley both had injuries that avoided the disabled list and others. These are just some of the major ones, if I missed one leave it below in the comments.

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